MSI Pro 24X 7M All-in-one Review: Worth it to Buy

MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review: The computer tool has recently become a key element in society regardless of the profession. Even for personal home use, these devices are always solicited. For this purpose, designers are constantly creating pieces that can meet the needs of users. It is in this case that we see the output of computers with giant screens to allow you to visualize all your different jobs.

We especially enjoyed a model that best fits everyone with its various advanced technologies. This is the MSI Pro 24 x 7m, a versatile and powerful desktop computer equipped with the latest computer screen version. Just out and already very popular with users, this is the ideal device for both beginners and professionals.

Is the MSI Pro 24 x 7m desktop computer recommended?

We can not help recommending such a device. It is ideal to perform your work and view them in a large format. Its screen is wide and comfortable offering more image quality with high resolution. It is a machine capable of doing everything and fulfilling all its functions on a personal and professional level. Its Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to easily connect it to several other devices.

Combined with the many USB ports it has, sharing files with other users will never be a problem for you. It has a solid battery that propels its autonomy to a level sufficient for long-term use without recharging. A large storage space is at your disposal to save all your data.


The first time I had to use this computer MSI Pro 24 x 7m it was during my training in computer graphics. The monitor of this training had chosen for the circumstance this computer with big screen to guarantee us a very good formation. Today, I have the same computer at home since I opened an office. Its wide screen allows me to work long hours without tiring my eyes.

It gives me a very good image quality that allows me to succeed every time my drawings. I am a young man who likes to graze perfection in my work and this machine allows me without problem. Thanks to all these ports available behind the device, I connect it to several other machines for the quick sharing of certain files.

Very large screen – MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

The screen of a computer represents the most used part of the machine and it must be up to the expectations of each user. The screen of this computer MSI Pro 24 x 7m fulfills all functions and will be able to offer you the best for a pleasant use. First of all, its screen is wide enough with a size of 24 inchesaccompanied by LCD lighting. With this size, you see large format images like on a projector.

It’s perfect for any job and to watch your favorite movies. The size of the image powered by this screen is good enough for your different text entries. You can view everything on this screen even when you are away from the machine at a distance. With the addition of Full HD resolution, this MSI Pro 24 x 7m computer gives you a crisp and clear picture every day.

Versatile apparatus – MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

With the current situation, a computer must be able to do everything to avoid expenses with several different machines in the office or at home. Fortunately you can count on the performance of the MSI Pro 24 x 7m to meet all your needs. Indeed, this computer will stop at nothing and will be able to offer you an incredible performance in your company. He is ultra-fastand can get you a text in a very short time.

It downloads and opens heavy applications without forgetting that it can be used at home. It supports all operating systems according to your desires and the goal you want to achieve during your work. So, if you like video games or simply want to watch your movies, the MSI Pro 24×7 will be able to satisfy you.

Excellent performance – MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

Needless to say that the performance of this computer is one of his best assets because you will see for yourself. First look at which processor it integrates, a dual Intel Core Pentium 4 HT typecoupled to a RAM of 4 GB of RAM. We continue on the speed of this processor which is 2.3 GHz and a Windows 10 operating system. With a machine as powerful how not to take pleasure in using it.

The MSI Pro 24 x 7m is all you need to get the job done fast and efficiently in all circumstances. Thanks to its RAM, the computer is fast and has a fluid interface that allows you to slide from one window to another in a split second. If you like doing research on the internet the fluidity of this machine will allow you to open multiple windows at the same time without difficulty.

Bluetooth wireless technology – MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

Connecting your computer to other devices is very important in the work environment as it allows you to easily exchange files with people around you. That’s what the MSI Pro 24 x 7m offers you with the Bluetooth wireless technology it incorporates. This method of file sharing is much simpler and faster. No need to clutter with the cables and cords that pass on all sides.

If you are in a business you can transfer a document to a colleague without having to leave your office. All devices that have Bluetooth connectivity will be able to receive all data from this computer. You can also share music through this wireless connection from your smartphone to the computer and vice versa.

Several USB ports – MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

Even though the MSI Pro 24×7 is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports are still needed for computing purposes. So, this computer has all the necessary connectivity to allow you to connect multiple devices such as a CPU or a desktop. You can also have a game console at home and it will be easy to connect to your computer through the USB port. On the sides of the machine we notice that there is an HDMI port that will help you connect your computer to a DVD player when needed and broadcast your data in high definition.

This port also allows you to connect a projector to give you even larger images to watch a movie as a family. There is also the presence of two USB 2.0 ports and 4 USB 3.0 ports Compatible with any type of cord to connect for example a printer to your computer.

Large storage space – MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

Whatever the reason for using a computer, there is always a need to keep as many important documents as possible. If you can not rely on the storage of the device will be a great disappointment. Fortunately, the MSI Pro 24×7 computer offers a large storage capacity to keep all your data without additional space. With this device, you have a maximum memory capacity of 32 GB with a hard disk size of 1024 GB. With this space, you can keep your personal data as well as all your work files.

It will be difficult to run out of space with this computer at home or in the office. All your music, movies, series, games and more can only be stored in the space provided for this device. Even company files and documents will find their place.

Speaker missing – MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

It is true that a computer is not necessarily a musical device with which you must animate a party. But you can still listen to music at times with your computer during your free time. Only the MSI Pro 24 x 7m has no speaker for the occasion and the sound of your music will not be able to satisfy you. It’s a shame anyway because at times you need to change your mind by listening to a favorite sound or by following a film that you like a lot. With this computer you will be entitled to a very low listening volume and no sound adjustment will solve the problem.

Indeed, this machine is devoid of the speaker and even putting the volume at the highest level you will not have the desired effect. It’s certainly an oversight on the part of the designer,

Big size, bulky – MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

This MSI Pro 24×7 computer is not a desktop because it has a flat-screen and looks more like a laptop. However, its dimensions have nothing to do with those of a laptop because it is much larger. This is a device that weighs 3.96 kg and is not very easy to move when you’re alone. In addition, it has measures of 53.8 x 17 x 40 cm which provides a large and large size difficult to fit into a small office. You see for yourself that this machine is quite bulky and can take up a large space on your desk or on your table at home. With this kind of dimension, moving with the device is unfortunately not an obvious thing as you can see.

No DVD player – MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

The most important when choosing a computer is not the DVD player he owns but when it is equipped it is always advantageous for the user. There are software or operating systems that are provided only on DVD or CD media that must be inserted into the computer for access.

However, the MSI Pro 24×7 does not have a DVD player that can do this. Even some music and movies are sold on DVD and without this player, difficult to use this type of support. One might think that these DVDs and CDs no longer have any place in the computer field because of the arrival of USB sticks yet they have a very specific role and different from other media.

Thank you for reading MSI Pro 24 x 7m Review

There is no doubt that this device is of a high power capable of meeting all needs. So, whether in an office, at home, or in a commercial space, the MSI Pro 24 x 7m will not disappoint you. In addition, you can watch your movies, your shows and even play video games without much effort. The sharing of some data will be done in one click with other people or devices of your entourage thanks to its wireless technology.

Its large screen offers absolute comfort when used with a visual unbeatable. I hope I have given you all the details of this powerful machine MSI Pro 24 x 7m. On the other hand

MSI Pro 24 x 7m Pro and Cons

  • Very large screen
  • Versatile apparatus
  • Excellent performance
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Several USB ports
  • Large storage space
  • Speaker missing
  • Big size, bulky
  • No DVD player included


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