The (Real) 5 Most Expensive Laptop in the World

Last updated on April 3rd, 2020 at 07:41 am

Where most people visit online casinos on their standard laptop or mobile, there is also a small group that can do it more in style. They have the money to buy a more expensive laptop to place their bets on.

We put the top five on a list and here the phrase “there is no discussion of taste issues (pro & cons)” applies. When fifth place is still occupied by a fairly affordable model, prices towards number 1 increase rapidly and the designs also become “more unusual”. Not exactly the models you find in your average hardware store.

Top 5 Most Expensive Laptop in the World

5. VoodooEnvy 171: $ 6.500 – Most expensive laptop

Voodoo was a luxury brand computer from Hewlett Packard. The Voodoo Envy 171 is more than an ordinary laptop and is aimed at engineers and designers. From the list of high-end, you can also choose your own paint color and its own logo. The Voodoo was available until 2012.


4. Ego for Bentley: $ 20,000 – Most expensive laptop

The famous British automaker has teamed up with Ego to design a high-end laptop. This computer is handcrafted and dressed in genuine Bentley diamond-stitched leather that fits perfectly inside your matching Bentley. The frames around the laptop are made of white gold and the handle of the Bentley engraving called “pinking”. There are only 250 manufactured. For the price of this laptop, the quality is worth breaking the bank for.


3. MacBook Pro 24 carat gold: $ 30,000- Most expensive laptop

This laptop was pimped by Computer Choppers, a company that personalizes your high-tech gadgets like your iPad. Laptops, phones and even game controllers can be pimped. Although they specialize in Apple products, they say they make any brand of computer. In this particular case, they took a MacBook Pro that has 24-carat gold. As the icing on the cake is the official Apple logo with colored diamonds. You probably think it’s the most expensive laptop, but it’s only nr. 3.


2. Tulip E-Go Diamond: $ 350,000- Most expensive laptop

What makes this laptop so incredibly expensive? It has solid white gold plaques with thousands of high quality brilliant cut diamonds with perfect precision. In both logos Tulip is a square cut ruby. This laptop was made for the woman who wants a portable laptop, but the appearance of a high-end fashion accessory. The E-Go Diamond tulip is more like an elegant handbag or laptop. Developed the Tulip E-Go (stands for “Easy Going”) to follow the growing trend for space design and customization. It also comes with different covers that you can easily change. Laurent de Beer, master jewelry designer worked closely with the design department of Tulip to come up with this gem of a laptop.


1. Luglio One Million Dollar laptop: $ 1,000,000 – Most expensive laptop

Without a doubt, the most expensive laptop in the world is Luvaglio. The same company worked with a team of experienced designers and artisans to come up with this luxurious piece of engineering. The creators of this laptop offer the buyer the opportunity to choose different materials for luxury housing, including diamonds, gold and leather. They can also choose rare jewelry and stones to make their laptop unique and serve as a rare diamond accent for the power button and security ID. Other features include a 17 “LED screen with a reflective screen and a Blu-Ray player, as well as a built-in self-cleaning screen. No laptop to leave unattended.

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