Drill vs Screwdriver: Advantages and Disadvantages

Last updated on April 3rd, 2020 at 07:44 am

When working with wood or metal choose a drill or a screwdriver to have various finishes, but you also have to consider the power, speed, whether it is cable or wireless and its compatible accessories. Therefore, we will help you to know the most important thing for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Drill vs screwdriver?

Many have this same doubt, but the answer to this may vary, as this will depend on the needs of each user. That is, with a drill, as the name implies, you will have the possibility to drill or drill different types of surfaces, be it plastic, wood, metal or concrete. On the other hand, a screwdriver will only serve to place or remove screws from structures without much effort, so first of all, you must ask yourself what do you really need, a drill or a screwdriver

Also, there are screwdrivers that have their function to remove and place screws and, by acquiring a head, they can also be used to put bits or screw them on and thus you would have multifunctional equipment without excessive costs.

While there are some models available in the market that are usually very versatile, such as the products offered by Bosch, Makita, Einhell, DeWalt, Mannesmann, Tacklife, among many other brands. However, the price factor is also present, so doubts come in again, what drill to buy? What is the best value for money screwdriver? Do I buy the cheapest one? However, you do not have to torment yourself with so many questions, since the brands that we mentioned above usually produce good quality products and are positioned among the top positions in the market in terms of the category of DIY tools and accessories.

What we recommend is that you select a versatile option, that has good power levels, that is ergonomic so that you do not have any inconvenience, much less get tired or bother you when using it and that its price fits your budget.

Likewise, it also evaluates the accessories and spare parts so that you cover all the topics that may be presented in the future and do not have to be suffering for any part you need later.



Why is power and speed important?

Be it a drill or a screwdriver, the power in both teams is very important, since this is the one in charge of providing strength to the motor to be able to make the turn.

In other words, the higher the power, the rotation of the engine will be more powerful and, therefore, you will not have any inconvenience for the fulfillment of your DIY work. In addition, it should be noted that, the power of the equipment can be expressed in voltage or watts, so we advise you to select a low for delicate works and high, of more than 1200W for more exhaustive work.

On the other hand, it is necessary to mention the speed, since this aspect is also related to the engine, since it rotates in vacuum at certain revolutions per minute that, have a direct effect when drilling. Exactly, this characteristic is related to the power, so a higher speed, will help the engine does not strain too much when performing the different tasks.

Therefore, we invite you to consider models that have a power up to 450 rpm for work of small proportions and larger for those more demanding. In addition to this, do not forget the speed regulator, as this ensures you use the appropriate speed for each surface.


Wireless or wired?

This is another aspect in which many have doubts, will I take the one with cable or the one with a battery? With a team that has autonomy you will have more freedom to move, either from one side to the other or even to take it comfortably wherever you go to work. Of course, compared to cable models that need a yes or yes plug to work.

Therefore, we recommend that, if you usually work at home, opt for cable, since you can position yourself in the place that is most comfortable for you. On the other hand, if you need to do work at height, travel or require more freedom for the movements of your arms, opt for the wireless model, as this will have a functional product for several hours. Also, if you buy additional batteries, you won’t have to worry about leaving the job halfway.


Ergonomic or robust design?

Before purchasing a drill and screwdriver, the design must also be considered, as this will be responsible for providing comfort by having the equipment in our hands. On the other hand, with a robust structure you can protect the engine parts from impacts.

Likewise, size also influences, but directly on ergonomics, in the sense of grip. Some may have a handle with rubber and non-slip components that will grant a higher level of safety, thus preventing you from slipping and you may have an accident that puts your physical integrity at risk. Therefore, make sure it has a comfortable structure, but includes the non-slip system just mentioned.


Advantages and disadvantages of a drill and a screwdriver 

If you plan to purchase one of these devices either separately or a multifunction, you have to know that, like any electrical device, they also have their advantages and disadvantages. so we will mention the most important ones to consider.






Drill Bits: The drills are universal, so you can buy endless for your work.

Speed: They have enough speed that will reduce excessive engine work.



Power: Some have a standard power for work on wood, concrete or metal surfaces, so you have to select a specific model.

Noise: The sound they emit can disturb the ears.






Design: The vast majority have an ergonomic design that will not bother using them.

Tips: You can place any tip to put or remove different screws.

Power and speed: They include power regulators to remove even the insulated screws without compromising the operation of the motor.



Function: You will not be able to drill surfaces. 



Multifunction screwdriver



Versatile: You can switch between the drill or screwdriver function by simply pressing the relevant mechanism.

Affordable: There are models with an affordable price, so you won’t have to spend so much to get one.



Spare parts: Since they use both functions, if the equipment is damaged, it may be more difficult to obtain the replacement or its repair could be expensive.

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