Top 13 (real) Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass | BUYING GUIDE

Top 13 (real) Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass | BUYING GUIDE

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The large stereo systems are giving way more and more to Bluetooth speakers, which stand out for their practicality. They promise a listening almost everywhere, to the greatest music lovers, through a generally nomadic and non-wired design. The music follows you everywhere, and even in the shower for some more sophisticated models. Here is Top 13 (real) Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

Does his purchase tempt you? So be sure to define the quality of the model that interests you by checking its power, its connections, and its ancillary functions. If time is lacking, then our comparison can be of great help to you. You will discover the Bose Soundlink Mini II, strong, with a range of 10 hours and high-level sound reproduction. Next is the JBL Flip 4 which combines design and portability.

1. Bose SoundLink Mini II Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass


Buying a Bluetooth speaker is not an easy task, especially as brands are constantly competing in terms of technology. However, this product we have selected can quickly please you. It is distinguished by the richness of the sound it produces and the depth of its bass. That said, you will enjoy a totally immersive experience. In addition, you will be able to receive your phone calls directly thanks to its “hands-free” function.

This speaker at Bose also has voice prompts that guide you easily while pairing with other compatible devices. That’s not all since you can automatically reconnect to the last six devices you’ve used with the device’s memory feature. To emphasise that its Bluetooth function has a range of 9 meters. And thanks to its non-wired design, users will be able to use it almost everywhere, especially as its dimensions are only 18.03 x 5.84 x 5.08 cm.

When loading this material, you have the choice to use the base when you are at home or to use devices that have USB inputs when you are outdoors. Moreover, its lithium-ion battery offers a range that can reach 10 hours. Its manipulation is also facilitated since all the commands are on the top of the gadget, namely startup, volumes, receiving the call or the possibility of moving to the next song.

  • If users think that this speaker is the most powerful of the moment, it is mainly thanks to its sound reproduction. It would be precisely testified as a high level, especially at its bass.

  • This model is also included in this ranking because it makes it easier to pair with other devices with Bluetooth technology with built-in voice prompts.

  • Whether you are at home or outdoors, there are ways to recharge this speaker. Moreover, its battery ensures a functioning of about ten hours before asking for a recharge.

  • Buyers still found it unfortunate that this model is not waterproof.

2. Bose SoundLink Revolve Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

Offering powerful and deep sound, this Bose Bluetooth speaker provides an immersive experience out of the ordinary. It has been designed to ensure a smooth 360 ° spread for a more uniform sound. By adopting it, you can make wireless Bluetooth pairings with various connected devices.

One of the benefits of using this Bose Bluetooth speaker is that it can be used to receive phone calls. Its autonomy can reach 12 hours after a full charge of its Lithium-Ion battery.

In addition, you can pair two speakers to enjoy stereo playback with the Bose Connect app. In addition, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is able to resist splashing water against the IPX7 index. Taking advantage of a cylindrical flared shape, the material ensures an easy grip. The integrated aluminum housing also enhances its strength.

Many define this model as the best Bluetooth speaker because of its many possibilities of use namely call reception or access to Google and Siri.

Buyers have invested in this Bluetooth Bose speaker because of its sound power. It provides an enveloping effect at a 360 ° angle for a better listening experience.[/i2pros]Because it is offered at a certain price, buyers expected to have a protective pouch or charging base as a bonus.[/i2pc]

3. JBL Flip 4 Waterproof  Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass


Hard to beat this JBL Flip 4 in terms of technology. Precisely, the speaker is equipped with technology Connect + JBL which offers the possibility to link up to a hundred speakers, and therefore expand the music broadcast when you want to grow the atmosphere of a party. It is also a device that works with a high quality lithium-ion battery that provides 12 hours of battery life. That’s not all, since this equipment will also make you enjoy impressive and powerful sound quality. The built-in passive booms have a mission to accentuate the bass of your playlist.

For those who do not yet know how to choose the best Bluetooth speakers of 2019, do not go further because this model may quickly seduce you. Starting with its relatively tight design, which is worth the opportunity to immerse yourself under water, the time of half an hour. So practice for music showers or parties near the pool. Do not forget to mention that it comes with a Bluetooth 4.2 interface that guarantees the most qualitative wireless broadcast.

That’s not all, since this article also includes a hands-free kit that significantly reduces unwanted noise and echoes. Therefore, you can receive your phone calls and enjoy a very clear conversation. Regarding the design, this model is designed with an ergonomic shape that simplifies its transport. In addition, at the time of purchase, you will have the choice among the 6 colors proposed.

  • Which Bluetooth speaker to choose to be sure to animate a big party, under a high sound quality? These are the features promised by this model. Especially since its Connect + JBL technology allows it to pair with a hundred speakers for even wider distribution.

  • Buyers are of the opinion that its waterproof character marks a big point for this model. This translates precisely that it can be easily used in the shower, in the rain or even in the pool.

  • This device is able to filter out any noises that might disturb you when you take your phone calls.

  • Without finding any really unacceptable defect to this product, a few rare buyers find it unfortunate that the brand has not changed the design for this newer version.

4. JBL GO2 Waterproof Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

All lovers of sound know that JBL is a renowned brand in the design of sound devices. This is confirmed in particular on this Bluetooth speaker JBL GO 2 which stands out for its sound power and its size yet very minimalist. With a 3 W output and a frequency response between 180 Hz and 20 kHz, it offers superior acoustic performance.

This powerful Bluetooth speaker is known for the quality of wireless streaming of music thanks to its Bluetooth 4.1. However, if the pairing device does not have Bluetooth, just use a JACK audio cable. You will also appreciate it for its hands-free system with noise reduction that ensures a phone call without parasites.

Equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery that charges for two and a half hours, this JBL Bluetooth speaker can work continuously for 5 hours. It can also be used everywhere and in all circumstances thanks to its compact design. Best of all, this is a waterproof enclosure testified by its IPX7 certification.

  • Despite its minimalist design, this Bluetooth speaker JBL has a higher acoustic power to be able to liven up your evenings.

  • This model can be connected using Bluetooth technology as well as a Jack cable. It is this versatility that classifies it as the best JBL Bluetooth speaker of the moment.

  • Although its sound reproduction can satisfy a large number of audiophiles, they add that this model would still lack bass.

5. Marshall Stockwell Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

Combining two speakers and a two-channel Class D amp, this Marshall Bluetooth speaker delivers unparalleled sound power. It is on its way to becoming the best Bluetooth speaker 2019, because the treble, bass and volume are adjustable according to the needs of the user. Apart from its performance, the device stands out for its multiple functions.

Indeed, this powerful Bluetooth speaker allows wireless broadcasting of music from various connected objects. By cons, if there is no Bluetooth then just use the 3.5 mm plug. That’s not all since she can receive phone calls. In addition, you can power your Smartphone via the integrated USB port.

With its small measurements and lightweight of 1.2 kg, this mini Bluetooth speaker is easily transported. Its 25-hour battery life also reduces the charge frequency of the battery. Not to mention the cover provided that serves both protection and support for this product.

  • The majority of buyers recommend this Bluetooth speaker Marshall for its acoustic power and the ability to adjust its sound.

  • The device not only broadcasts your music, it also allows you to receive calls and power Smartphones.

  • The manufacturer has integrated a high quality battery on this speaker Bluetooth cheap so that it can ensure the playback of your best songs for more than twenty hours.

  • When using this speaker for the first time, rare users would have noticed that the Bluetooth connection was particularly slow.

6. Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

By asking professionals what is the best Bluetooth speaker on the market, you will surely be guided towards this model which appeals as much for its minimalist design as for its rich bass sound reproduction. Indeed, know that this Sony SRS-XB10B is distinguished by the presence of the function EXTRA BASS. As you can see, this feature provides a deeper, deeper bass that enhances the sound quality of the small gadget. Moreover, you have the possibility to pair two devices of this kind to enjoy a double stereotype sound.

In addition, it is a 5W power enclosure, operating with a rechargeable battery that provides a wide autonomy of 16 hours. A real feat in the face of its featherweight of 260 g. Better still, facing the IPX5 waterproof rating of this product, it is not afraid of splashing and will be resistant to any use. Connectivity with this hardware is also facilitated with NFC technology. Indeed, just a simple contact to connect a smartphone to this device.

You’ll also be surprised at the small footprint of this item, as it measures only 7.5 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width, and 9.1 inches in height. Thus, you can easily carry it in your bag to carry it where you want it. This is not all because it also has a silicone grip that allows you to hang easily on all suitable media. By choosing this article, you will have the chance to enjoy your music without the need to drag cables.

  • Sony is looking to become the best brand of Bluetooth speakers by offering this model. Precisely, the latter mixes relatively minimalist dimensions to a sound rich bass.

  • The test performed on this product would have just confirmed its 16 hours of autonomy. A great durability that will allow him to animate a long evening of listening between friends or family.

  • The coating, although soft touch, used on this product would tend to easily attract dust, hairs and other dirt.

7. Anker Soundcore Mini Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

This Anker SoundCore is recommended when your budget for acquiring this kind of device is reduced. This is the best budget portable speaker. Indeed, it is the best cheap Bluetooth speaker, but it is among the most popular on the market especially for its operation with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, under a range of 20 meters. This is a state-of-the-art system that expands its compatibility with many devices. In addition, this process is used to optimize the pace of transmission to save you time during use.

The performance of this material is also seen through its audio driver which displays a power of 5 W. Moreover, it comes with a passive subwoofer that brings more power and clarity to the sounds. Thus, you will enjoy a beautiful rendering of all the music you listen to with this post. This equipment also meets your daily needs since you can use it to make hands-free calls with its built-in microphone.

This speaker remains functional even if you are not using a device with Bluetooth. Be aware that it can be connected to your devices via an auxiliary cable. It is compatible with a micro-SD card and can listen to FM radio. Use, the device automatically reconnects with the device you used recently. In addition to being powerful, the speaker also provides up to 15 hours of autonomy. And all this, under dimensions of 6.86 x 6.86 x 6.86 cm.

  • Although the dimensions of this speaker have been carefully reduced, it does not prevent that it comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 interface that improves its speed of sound. The sound is intense thanks to its power of 5 W and its passive box.

  • Certainly, this speaker is the cheapest of this ranking. However, it shows a wide autonomy of 15 hours to be compared to the best products of the moment.

  • For devices without Bluetooth, this equipment can be used with an auxiliary cable. It can also support your micro SD card. In addition, you can use it to listen to FM radio.

  • Given its small size, users would still appreciate having a tie on the model to always keep it at hand.

8. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2  Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

Creative is not “hipster”, so its products are timeless. His philosophy? The sound quality is pure and hard. The Sound Blaster Roar 2 extends this tradition.

A beautiful rectangular, robust metal construction embellished with silicone for a pleasant grip. With measurements of 20 x 11.5 x 5.6 cm for 1 kg, this wireless speaker is perfectly transportable, although a little heavy compared to other speakers. R radiators side passive hypnotize you with their low vibration. Its weight can make it more stable and less prone to falling, but be careful still falls and splashing, it does not seem to resist very well. 2 colors: black & white.

Sound performance level, the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 portable speaker is excellent with deep bass, explosive power, while keeping a very clean sound quality. Unfortunately, this Bluetooth speaker does not deliver a 360 ° sound, it can be placed horizontally for a more balanced and enveloping sound, or vertically for a more focused and intense sound.

Question autonomy, about 8 hours are announced for moderate use. The Sound Blaster Roar 2 can be recharged in 2 different ways, either with an adapter provided for an express charge or with the more convenient micro USB cable. it has a range of 10 meters.

The wireless speaker Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 is ultra-functional : power , volume , possibility to connect up to two devices simultaneously , Bluetooth APTX (Android) et AAC (Apple) for superior sound close to CD, technology NFC(automatic connection for Android users), an input AUX 3.5 mm , a micro USB port , a USB port , a micro SD slot to use the speaker as an mp3 player, the functions of recording and playback , built-in dictaphone , a microphone for phone calls, a switch for a “random” or “repeat” mode , the “Roar / TerraBass” button to boost the power in the evening or the bass in head-to-head connection with the PS4 or your computer for total immersion, and finally, last but not least, you can charge your smartphone in case of emergency. Phew!

  • Class design

  • Outstanding sound quality

  • Comprehensive features including AptX and AAC codecs

  • Brittle

  • Unidirectional sound

  • User manual to download from the Creative website

9. Marshall Kilburn Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

Here’s one who knows how to stay true to herself and who knows what she wants. The Bluetooth speaker Marshall Kilburn keeps this legendary vintage look unique to the British brand. This is Marshall’s very first portable, battery-powered model, and many were looking forward to it.

Its design takes the style of guitar amps in the form of a large rectangular cube with the logo of the brand in gold letters in the center. 24.2 x 14 x 14 cm for 3 kg, with a detachable leather strap with red velvet interior, to lift the wireless speaker. Much heavier and more cumbersome than other models of nomadic speakers, you can well imagine that it is not made for hiking but rather to carry it to parties. The box is in wood covered with a vinyl envelope that frames the speaker grid made of braided fabric. This Bluetooth speaker is available in cream or black color.

On the top you will find the control panel with a 3.5mm jack input with a high-quality spiral Jack cable supplied with the loudspeaker (in addition to the 2 power cords and the hyper-class user’s manual), 3 LEDs: Bluetooth, wired and battery. 3 rotary knobs for volume, bass and treble, 2 buttons to choose the source and activate Bluetooth mode, finally a rocker switch to turn on or off the speaker. The details and finishes are perfect! 4 rigid rubber feet support the portable speaker for optimal stability even at full power. The construction is robust but not waterproof.

Technically, it is one of the best speakers (of this size) sound performance side, it is difficult to find more powerful, with bass as warm and deep, without any distortion at full power. This quality is preserved thanks to AptX Bluetooth.

It has an excellent autonomy of 20 hours for moderate use, the battery indicator light will be less than 20%. The range is about ten meters.

Functionality question, this speaker is limited and does not compete with its competitors. No microphone, NFC module or speaker coupling, if you want a waterproof speaker to take with you everywhere, go your way, because this Bluetooth speaker Marshall Kilburn goes to the basics: music!

  • The vintage and clean designThe best sound performance (at this price and for this size)Beautiful autonomy
  • Lack of featuresNot waterproofA bit heavy to be totally nomadicThe price

10. Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

If you’ve experienced the first UE Roll version, then this new UE Roll 2 nomad speaker will not disappoint you, it’s pretty much the same but with improved sound performance and increased wireless range.

It retains the rounded shape that worked so well and adds many colors and patterns to her wardrobe. With a diameter of 135 mm for 336 g, its design allows a 360 ° sound and makes it an ultra-nomad speaker, an idea reinforced by its elastic strap rather functional and especially its complete waterproofness (IPX7), to tell you, they even provide a mini buoy to let it float in your pool. The braided fabric on the front and the rubber on the backside will resist solid impact and maintain stability on smooth surfaces.

So we find the 2 big “+” and “-” to adjust the volume, and if you press them simultaneously you will get the status of the battery, which also has a battery life of 10 hours. On the backside, there is the power button and the Bluetooth pairing, which allows remote power on. The cache conceals the connectors: 3.5 mm jack input and micro USB port. The range has been increased from 20 to 30 meters but at the expense of latency, which may cause delays if you want to watch movies with.

The sound performance is rather good for this size, although a little loud at full power (distortions from 90%). Of course, it will not reach the power of a Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 or a Marshall Kilburn. But each one has its advantages, the wireless speaker EU Roll 2, it is waterproof, off-road and not expensive.

As with all Ultimate Ears products, you have access to features through the EU Roll application which are, equalizer, speaker pairing to switch on stereo sound, alarm clock and more. However, note the absence of the NFC module or microphone for the hands-free kit that could have been practical for once with wet hands.

11. Libratone Zipp Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

The first version had already pleased us, Libratone is back with the new ultraportable speaker Libratone Zipp.

Thanks to its cylindrical shape 12.2 cm in diameter and 26.1 cm high, the nomadic speaker Libratone Zipp offers a 360 ° sound. These finishes are also superb, with satin-coated plastic bases, a very solid black strap and a mesh fabric speaker grid that serves as an interchangeable cover. Thanks to the zipper you can change color in the blink of an eye: black, gray, red or green. This speaker is not waterproof.

Where the Bluetooth speaker Libratone Zipp stands out from its competitors, is the fully tactile control interface to control the sound directly from its speaker. Usual functions such as, volume, playback/pause, song change, an indication of the battery level and even the pairing of several speakers are present. But still, taking or refusing to call with the built-in microphone, the ability to put up to 5 Internet radio favorites, reload a device and also a mute mode.

Connections side, the wireless speaker Libratone Zipp is perfect: Bluetooth AptX, Airplay (iOS), DLNA (Android / Windows), mini 3.5 mm jack and a USB port to recharge his smartphone or tablet in case of emergency.

Charging takes place via the cable supplied with the loudspeaker and its battery life is approximately 9 hours with moderate use.

The multi-room capacity, thanks to the Bluetooth but also the Wi-Fi, is very useful and facilitated by the tactile interface but also by the “practical” application of Libratone: you just have to connect one to the network so that all others are at the same time. This function allows you to sound several rooms at the same time. Perfect for parties. Note however that the application is only available in English, but from where you will have access to parameter settings such as different sound modes, the DSP according to the space in which we are located (outdoor, table, floor …), Spotify Connect and others.

In addition to enjoying the 360 ​​° sound, the portable speaker Libratone Zipp has bass present, correct for an enclosure of this size. The mediums and highs are well defined even if they could have a little more presence. On the whole, the instruments and the voices are clear, faithful and well transcribed. And the power is surprising for a craft of this size without showing signs of distortion at full speed.

Finally, if you want to watch movies with your Bluetooth speaker Libratone Zipp, no problem, you will not encounter any latency issues through the Wi-Fi.

  • Its powerful 360 °Practical and original designMultiroomBluetooth AptX & Wi-FiRecharge devices
  • No mini-USB chargingNo NFC moduleThe price

12. Ultimate ears Boom 2 Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

By taking the time to learn about this article, you might be convinced that this is the best Bluetooth speaker. Its 360 ° diffusion allows it to produce a sound of good quality and deep bass, always audible even at a wide distance. That said, it will easily find its place during your holidays whether indoor or outdoor. Moreover, it integrates a UE application that allows you to connect more than 50 wireless Bluetooth speakers for more sensations to use. In addition, the battery used on this model offers a battery life of 15 hours.

This device is made from a material that has been carefully chosen to ensure its impact resistance. In addition, it is also a waterproof model , certified by the IPX7 index, thus translating that it can be immersed under a depth of one meter. Its range Bluetooth is, meanwhile, estimated at 30 meters to ensure an ever optimal sound distribution. In addition, you can also use the integrated NFC chip, known to be even faster and simpler than other technologies. As additional options, be aware that this model is also equipped with a hands-free feature to allow the reception of calls.

Apart from well thought out technologies, the manipulation of this enclosure would also have been neat to adapt to all. In particular, the manufacturers claim that you will only need to tap on its case once, to interrupt a song, and 2 times to move on to the next song.

  • Buyers often ask the question: where to buy the best Bluetooth speaker that can be heard both indoors and outdoors? This model could make you happy because it promises a diffusion of sound in a 360 ° angle.

  • This speaker has the merit of being waterproof thanks to its IPX7 certification. The latter allows him to immerse himself in the water at a depth of one meter. Ideal for parties and animations in swimming pools.

  • Although very design, the volume buttons built into this model would be quite difficult to operate, according to users.

13. Apple Beats Pill Plus Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass


If you’re interested in loudspeakers or headphones, you’ve probably heard about Beats, a brand that puts a lot of emphasis on marketing with the contributions of stars like Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams and even Pinocchio in their commercials. After already two BlueTooth speaker outputs and a mixed record with the Beats Pill and XL version, the brand Beats, since bought by Apple, returns with its new speaker Beats Pill +.

At 750g, this Bluetooth speaker is more compact than the previous Beats Pill XL, it can be easily transported by hand or in a bag. Although resistant to splashing, it is not waterproof, so avoid the pool afternoons or evenings a little too watered. At first glance, we immediately feel the positive contribution of the crunched apple with a cleaner and more streamlined design. The plastic is replaced by more noble materials, such as a satin coating, very soft to the touch, which frames 2 grids probably aluminum. So Bluetooth speaker seems much more robust than previous versions. It exists in 2 colors: white and black.

Regarding the controls you will find, on the top of the device, the Power button that serves both to turn on the power and to check the remaining battery life, the central Beats logo is actually a multifunction button: read / pause and change tracks and finally two other keys on the left for adjusting the volume . The cover on the back contains connectors: a lightning port (specific to Apple chargers), a 3.5 mm jack, and a USB port to charge your iPhone or iPad.

It is noted that this Bluetooth speaker is clearly intended for users of the iPhone with the absence of an NFC module. As with Ultimate Ears products, the Beats Pill plus wireless speaker has a free mobile app available for free on iOS and Android. Among other things, it allows you to pair two “pills” for a stereo effect, or enjoy “DJ mode” by connecting two sources on the same speaker. Finally, thanks to the integrated microphone you can answer your calls as a hands-free kit. Note that it is not compatible with the AptX codec so no high definition sound or AirPlay connection!

The contribution of Apple was not only beneficial design side but also in terms of sound performance, whose quality has been significantly improved over previous versions. Unfortunately, they are still limited compared to other speakers on the market: listening is excellent and optimal at about 50% of the volume, below the sound seems to lose power and wealth, while at over 70% the sound clearly distorts and becomes almost unpleasant for the ears.

The battery will hold approximately 12 hours of moderate use.

  • Compact and minimal designPractical featuresGood autonomy
  • Average sound performanceThe price

How to choose Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass?

The question is not only to find the most powerful product but to know how to buy a speaker’s Bluetooth better value for money. To achieve this, it is necessary to consider some crucial points such as design and robustness, functionality and practicality. In the article that follows, we will offer some tips on this subject to better help you in your future transaction.

Purchase guide


Design and solidity

To begin this buying guide for the best Bluetooth speakers, we will first address the issue of design. The pace varies from one brand to another, it goes without saying. However, some are distinguished by their ultra-compact appearance. If you are a fan of outings with friends on camping, hiking or the beach, these models will certainly suit you. They can integrate your pockets without the slightest worry. You will not feel any clutter by taking them with you.

If you wish to take your equipment to the pool or any other place with high humidity, plan for watertight and splashproof specimens. Indeed, several brands currently offer on the trade.


Before consulting a price comparator, you will need to review some features that may be useful for the product in question. Indeed, today, the prototypes available on the market all include not necessarily useful options. You will need to distinguish between those that could benefit you and those that will not.

If you tend to receive several calls a day, opt for items with a microphone. These will allow you to answer them without worry. This will prevent you from missing important communication because you did not hear the ring.

Also, observe the connectivity present on your gadget. The USB port is a must-have that you will need to identify. Otherwise, the possibilities of use would be a little too limited.

Also, make sure that the equipment you want is compatible with the device you want to pair it with. Indeed, some prototypes might not identify some brands of smartphones. Check this detail carefully before embarking on a purchase that you may regret later.



Where to buy a new Bluetooth speaker? Before answering this question, you should first ask yourself which product will best suit your frequency of use. In this sense, check the battery performance of your future equipment. If you plan to go far away from camping in a place without electricity, it is better to opt for a specimen with a consistent autonomy.

Thus, some prototypes will offer up to 24 hours of non-stop use. Others will not be so tough. Articles that only have 6 to 12 hours of listening are more suited to less intensive users in their jobs. In addition, the presence of a jack is also a plus not to neglect. This allows you to enjoy a more personal experience in sound.

The sound

As you can see, the sound quality of a speaker is directly related to its size, given the space needed to integrate the various components including the speakers. Obviously, we tend to standardize the speakers to an average size, small speakers seeking to improve their sound quality and large to be more mobile. That’s why mid-size Bluetooth speakers represent the majority of wireless speakers on the market.

However, smaller speakers offer sound performance quite correct, even surprising, can compete with their big sisters by allowing you to fully appreciate your music. However, be careful not to confuse sound clarity with power, increase the volume excessively on these small speakers, you will lose sound quality.


The main advantage of a BlueTooth speaker is that it is just wireless, but nothing can be won without compensation, it must be equipped with a battery and said battery says autonomy. Of course, you can enjoy your speaker indefinitely while leaving it connected, at least as much as the battery of your smartphone will allow, but in some cases, it is difficult to find an outlet, the pool or in a park for example. For this, it is essential to opt for a BlueTooth speaker with sufficient duration of autonomy to your average time of use: a minimum of 5 hours should generally do the trick. Also, note that the battery life varies depending on the listening volume.


Music speakers have always been deemed fragile because they must be sensitive to transmit the best vibrations and there must be the least possible material between the source of emission and our ear to maintain the purity of the his. We still remember our father who reprimanded us as soon as we touched his toys a little too closely. But nowadays, with the advances and introduction of the best portable wireless speakers, what about the solidity? This is crucial given that you plan to carry it, use it outdoors, in the evening … etc. Make sure that the chosen model offers sufficient protection against splashing, impact in the event of a fall, etc.

On the other hand, if the enclosure that you wish is intended to camp in your living room, you are not necessarily constrained to this variable and you will be able to choose the one which will be the best with your sofa or your beautiful curtains.

How to use a Bluetooth speaker?

The use of this type of product is not at all obvious especially if between you and the technology it is not the big love. Indeed, some people more than others will face difficulties at the crucial moment. To help you bypass these steps, here are some tips for doing this.


Read the instructions for use

Of course, any device of this type is generally accompanied by a user manual. If yours does not have one, you can always ask the seller to provide you with it. Otherwise, go directly to the brand site of your product and see if you can find a user manual in PDF. It is then recommended to read this completely to avoid missing important information. Above all, make a point of honor to respect the safety instructions to avoid damaging your equipment.


Enable Bluetooth connection

This is the very basis of the use of this type of article. So, before proceeding with any operation, check if the Bluetooth is really running. Depending on which specimen you have, there are several ways to activate it. On some prototypes, this mode starts when the product is turned on. On others you will have to press a specific button to do this.


Use the Bluetooth speaker on iOS

As you can imagine, the setting mode differs depending on the device you want to use with your Bluetooth speaker. So, we will explain how to do on each type of device. First, on iOS mobiles, you will have to go to the “Settings” application and from there, click on “Bluetooth” and then connect to the speaker. Then do a test to see if everything is working as it should.


Use the Bluetooth speaker on Android

On Android, the equipment is a little simpler than before. All you need to do is go through your mobile settings. Then go to the “Wireless and network” icon. And from there, you can turn on Bluetooth mode. Start the device search and click on the name that corresponds to your speaker.

Connect the device to PC

Yes, you can also use your speaker with your computer. To do this, first and foremost have a Bluetooth adapter in USB. Go to “Start” next in “Control Panel”. From there, identify the “Hardware and Sound” icon and enable Bluetooth on your PC. Press the “Activate” button and wait for the instructions that follow.


Connect the device to Mac

Starting with Mac OS X 10.4 you have the Bluetooth option available on your laptops and desktops. To connect your device to your speaker, the steps are simple. Go to “System Preferences” and click on “Bluetooth”. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is set up your equipment and you can now enjoy your music, movies and video games.

The most popular brands

The optimization of space is today a very real controversy in countries around the world. Manufacturers of furniture and electronics of all kinds are struggling to offer both individual and professional compact items and space-saving. It is with this in mind that the Bluetooth speakers were born. If you are looking for a specimen that fits your needs and you do not know where to begin your quest, here are some of the most famous brands in the industry.



This company is now well known on the market of audio devices. Indeed, the brand is present on several popular sales sites such as Amazon. The most popular consumer products are: headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

Regarding the latter, the sign has not skimped on the efforts. It then offers its customers prototypes that are both efficient and practical. Most items available are portable so you can easily carry them with you during your walks, your outings or your holidays. The sound of each declination has been well worked to offer you powerful and fluid bass. Some specimens are even waterproof for better viability.



This is a brand designed by James B. Lansing. The brand has existed since 1946. Its experience is therefore most reliable because the company now has many followers and loyal customers. As far as its activities are concerned, the manufacturer specializes mainly in the development of audio amplifiers and loudspeakers.

In this sense, JBL also markets Bluetooth speakers. Most of the articles presented are both functional and versatile. Prototypes are, for the most part, portable. Despite this, the sound offered is of good power. As for prices, they remain affordable and accessible to all consumers.



Founded in 1964, the company’s sole objective, since its inception, has been to offer its customers impeccable quality and quality. Indeed, this brand specializes only in the design of speakers and audio equipment. To develop the best technologies in this sense, the brand employs no less than 1,500 researchers.

The Bluetooth speakers presented by Bose are most surprising for their tiny size and for their sound performance. Most of its products are waterproof and impact resistant. In order to satisfy you as long as possible, the autonomy of its models is also high.



Known for its sanitary products, lighting products and consumer equipment, Philips holds a leading position in all comparisons in these areas. The sign is indeed one of the oldest currently. And if it is not yet extinct, it is because its expertise has continued to evolve.

As for the Bluetooth speakers of the brand, the latter have good robustness. They are mostly splash proof. Some convenient functions have been integrated as the microphone allowing you to take calls.



Specialist in the field of creation of connected devices, Anker now offers several specimens useful everyday. Examples include wall chargers, headphones and earphones, and speakers.

For Bluetooth speakers, Anker features ultraportable items that fit into your pants pocket. You will be able to move with no trouble. The battery for its part can offer autonomy for 24 hours to avoid you having to feed indefinitely.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does a Bluetooth speaker work?

Although it has not been clearly stated who invented the Bluetooth speaker, it is an equipment that invades more and more the market, by its very practical design. This is a wireless device that plays music via Bluetooth technology. It is designed as an electronic box that comes with one or more speakers. The advantage of this kind of enclosure is the mobility offered since it does not require a continuous connection. You will have a wide choice on the market, but a Sony Bluetooth speaker, JBL or Philips will be a reference of quality in this area.


Q2: How to charge a Bluetooth speaker?

If you have questions about how to charge the JBL GO Bluetooth speaker for example, then be aware that all Bluetooth speakers should be supplied with a USB AC adapter in order to charge them once they are dead. Before the first use, you must charge the device using this accessory. To do this, first ensure that the instrument is turned off. Then, it is necessary to connect the adapter to the micro USB cable and connect it to the DC IN 5V jack. Finally, all that remains is to plug the adapter into a wall outlet. The charge indicator should shine throughout the power process. Then it turns off automatically once the battery is full.


Q3: Bluetooth speaker connected, but no sound, what to do?

It often happens that a Sony Bluetooth speaker, or any other brand, announces that a connection has been established, but that it does not play music. In this case, it will take a few manipulations to easily solve this problem. To begin, make sure the device you are using is properly connected to the speaker. It is also necessary to check that the sound of the speaker is working and that the volume is high enough. Also check that the Bluetooth source is working properly. After all this, disable the Bluetooth connection with other nearby devices before reconnecting the one you want to use. Finally, turn on the speaker and turn it back on. If you carefully follow all these instructions, the problem should be solved. Otherwise, take the time to read the manual that came with the product to learn how to connect a Bluetooth speaker.


Q4: How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to PC?

From now on, it is possible to do without all cables to connect an enclosure to a PC. At first, it is necessary to turn on the speaker by pressing the button for this purpose. If the device requires a power supply, it must be connected before lighting. It is also recommended to bring the two positions as close as possible.

In the next step, you must open the computer’s “Start” menu and open the settings. Then, first click on “Devices” and then “Bluetooth”. It is then necessary to activate the Bluetooth mode. After that, you will need to switch to pairing by pressing the speaker button to search for the signal. Then, click “Add Bluetooth Device” and “Bluetooth” before selecting the name of your speaker. Finally, click on “Pair”. These steps are valid for how to connect a Bluetooth speaker JBL or any model of another brand for that matter.


Q5: Why is my Bluetooth speaker not working?

If you have trouble pairing, first bring the two devices closer together at a distance of 1 m. At this time, the Bluetooth indicator should flicker. If this is not the case then press and hold the power button until the indicator flashes. Once it’s done, everything should work normally. Be that as it may, make sure the battery is charged enough to fulfill its role.

If the problem persists then we recommend relying on the product’s manual, which should contain all related information to teach you how to use a Bluetooth speaker.

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