Best Watch For Swimming Reviews (Oct 2019) 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Want to buy the Best Watch For Swimming? Do you want to improve and monitor your performance in the pond or open water? That’s great, we have prepared a Top 6 and a buying guide to choose Best Watch For Swimming with review:

Knowing your performance allows you to improve every day, especially if you participate in competitions. In swimming, this sport exists in several variants, it is often essential to compare your achievement with what you have done before. That’s when swimming watches come into play.

Since there are a variety of GPS swim watches on the market, making the choice is not always easy whether you are an amateur or an insider.

We will help you choose between the best swim watch 2019  sold on the market in October 2019.

Just like all sporting items on sale on the shelves, there is not a single swimming watch that is foolproof. Admittedly, they may have characteristics that others do not have but also represent disadvantages. With this article, you will have the chance to have more ideas on the strengths and disadvantages that can be seen on each model of swim watches. The information conveyed in this comparison of swimming watches will help you recognize the kind of counter length swim watch that will fit perfectly to your swim style.

A swimming watch is an instrument intended for swimming in swimming pools or in open water. It allows you to calculate the distance traveled, the pace, the number of lengths you have done, the number of movements and other important data that help you progress. By having specific details about your achievements, you have the opportunity to set goals. For this, the swimming watch remains a mandatory tool, especially for those who want to become great competitors.


1. Garmin Swin Best Watch For Swimming

Garwin offers professional swimmers and swimming enthusiasts its Garwin Swim range. This is the Best Watch For Swimming for October 2019 sold on the market.

The Garwin Swim is an elegant watch reflecting a discreet design. Light and practical, you can wear it every day as a standard watch. It has a 2.7-inch screen, a USB connection and measures in 13.5 x 13.5 x 6.6cm.

The Garwin Swin swim watch lets you count your lengths with its Auto Lap function. Indeed, the watch measures the distance you have traveled. For more precision in your activities, the Garwin Swim watch gives you details on your speed and the number of movements you have made.

The Garwin Swim watch helps prepare the swimmer before diving. Its system ensures the setting of the length of the pool. Thus, the swimmer will have an idea on the distance that separates him from the other side of the swimming pool in which he will swim.

This watch incorporates sensors that can recognize the type of swimming (breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly, back or mixed). Once the Garwin Swim has detected your swim style, it is automatically activated to measure distances traveled, speed, number of movements, …

The Garwin Swim has a monitor that does the calculation of swimming efficiency or SWOLF score. The swimmer can assess his swimming style and correct movements for better performance.

This watch is simple to handle. To start a training session, all you need to do is to accommodate a few function commands. In total, this watch is equipped with 6 buttons: 3 buttons on the right are used to navigate the menus, one on the left is used to start swimming, the other to access the menu and the last to display the time.

It must be recognized that this watch represents disadvantages in terms of functionality. And yes, the Garwin Swim watch lacks data support for the uninitiated.

  • Detects swimming styleConfigurable training with exercise seriesAutomatic synchronization
  • Not suitable for the uninitiated

2. Suunto Ambit 3 Best Watch For Swimming

For great competitors or swimming enthusiasts, the Suunto Ambit3 is the ideal gps swim watch to train whatever the swim style you want to specialize in.

Weighing just 80 grams, it’s a lightweight swimming watch that will fit easily on your wrist. You would not even feel it when you’re going to beat your arms.

This device measures 24 centimeters and it has a screen on which you can follow your prowess.

The Suunto Ambit3 is a very practical watch because it can be connected with your Smartphone. As a result, you can download exercises or change the parameters of your watch. This connectivity allows you to directly share online your activities or to your friends.

The other plus on this watch is its Bluetooth function. The latter gives you the opportunity to connect the device with a heart belt. If by chance you do not have a belt, know that this watch has a new heart sensor: the Suunto Smart Sensor. Leaving the water, you will have the opportunity to know your heart rate when you were underwater.

Being a multisport watch for other disciplines such as running, cycling or triathlon, this swim watch has a navigation route. The TrackBack function allows you to locate your starting point. It also has a GPS location, a GPS-Altimeter and a compass. These features allow you to find yourself no matter how long you will keep your head underwater.

Regarding the autonomy of the Suunto Ambit3 watch, it is equipped with a C2 battery capable of holding 15h in a row in intensive use and around 15 days in watch mode.

The least on this measuring instrument concerns some failures on the software part requiring a restart.

  • Full application

  • multisports

  • Quick synchronization

  • Battery life

  • The Movescount function that responds poorly

3. Polar M400 Best Watch For Swimming

The Polar M400 is arguably the Best Watch For Swimming for cardio. In addition to being a multifunctional watch that adapts to running, it is also a device that can accompany the pros or fans of swimming in their progress.

The slim design of this watch does not interfere with its waterproofness. With the Polar M400, you can go to a depth of 30m. It is a cheap waterproof watch for swimming

It has a high definition screen with a digital display that allows you to see the parameters of your training.

It integrates a GPS that calculates your pace, speed, distance traveled. In addition, this system allows you to know your starting point. An altimeter is also included in this unit.

With the Polar M400, you can have information about your daily activity. Whether you’re in full exercise, at work, or at home, tracking tracks the calories you spent and the total amount of sleep.

This is a swimming watch that has Smart Coaching features. By following the training plans offered by this device, you can know your heart rate. For cardio, this is the best watch that can provide you with the most information.

For your training, this watch offers 8 sports profiles. It includes a training diary and records your split times with a split stopwatch. To compare your records, the watch has a memory of 30 hours of training.

By using the Polar Plow application, you can synchronize this watch with an iPhone under iOS 7 and Android 4.3 and up. You will have easy access to your calls, SMS, calendar, …

Bluetooth sync on the same devices can also be performed for transmitting information about your exercises.

You can keep this watch on your wrist during the long hours of your training. Indeed, its battery has a range of 10 hours in sports mode.

The Polar M400 still has its weak points. The web product support in English will not please everyone without talking about the USB port a little fragile.

  • MultifunctionGreat training memoryActivity tracker functionSmartphone synchronization
  • Product Support in EnglishUSB port

4. GarminVivoactive Best Watch For Swimming

Whether you’re passionate about running, golfing, biking or swimming, the Garmin Vivoactive is the all-terrain watch for you. This is one of the best multisports swim watches most popular by top athletes.

Waterproof, robust and ergonomic, the Garmin swim watch Vivoactive is equipped with a 1.4-inch color touch screen with high resolution and anti-glare.

It has GPS applications for most sports namely golf, running, cycling and swimming. These applications allow you to know your statistics, the distances you have traveled, your speed, …

As for the swimming sport, this watch has an accelerometer which estimates the number of movements per interval and per length. She has a swimming app that calculates the swimmer’s efficiency: the SWOLF score.

The Garmin swim watch Vivoactive easily connects to smartphones like the iPhone 4S or recent models and to Android 4.3 and higher devices, compatible with the Bluetooth Smart function. Once paired, you can receive notifications via your watch showing your messages, incoming calls, alerts and notifications from social networks.

It’s a customizable multisport swim watch. From the Connect IQ store (built into the device menu), you can download free interfaces to change the appearance of the screen display. This allows you to change the dial design, insert widgets, or add data fields.

Autonomy, the watch can accompany you wherever you go for 3 weeks. When put into sport function, the battery can hold up to 10 hours. This gives you enough time to fully practice your exercises.

What’s a shame about this device is that out of the water, the touch screen tends to have trouble responding. In addition, the absence of a heart sensor calls into question its effectiveness.

  • Color screen

  • Waterproof

  • Multisport watch

  • No cardio

5. TomTom Multisports Best Watch For Swimming

In 5th position, you have the TomTom Multisport watch. More advanced than the old model, it has many more features and has been revised to adapt to a variety of land and water disciplines.

Equipped with a 1.88-inch screen, the TomTom Multisports watch is a great innovation compared to its big sister. Available with or without a heart rate monitor, it will give you information about your sports activities such as running, cycling or swimming.

A single button allows you to easily manipulate it and enter the menu to choose the type of sport you will practice. With QuickGPSFix technology, you can quickly start your workout at each session.

The watch has sensors that measure heart rate, average speed, calories burned, distance traveled and the duration of your workout. It can go under water safely thanks to its tightness.

Simple and practical, this watch allows you to share your exploits on social networks by synchronizing it on a device running under IOS Bluetooth (Bluetooth Smart) through the MySports application.

In GPS mode, this watch has a battery life of 10 hours. This is more than enough to complete your exercises.

However, the TomTom Multisports watch has a catch. Sometimes there are connection problems with the MySports program.

  • Multisport watch

  • Good display

  • Customizable dial

  • Integrated drives

  • Supplied without charger
  • Wrong operation of Virtual Partener

6. Garmin Forerunner 920XT Best Watch For Swimming

This multisport watch proposes to accompany the sportsmen in their exploits, that they are passionate or professionals. The Garmin Forerunner 920XT has several features that allow athletes to always go forward.

The Garmin Forerunner 920XT is a versatile watch that athletes can wear regardless of the discipline they practice such as running, cycling or swimming.

The Garmin Forerunner is a watch well presented in its form and design. Having a dimension of 48 x 55 x 12.7 mm and weighing only 61g, it is thinner and lighter than the previous version.

It has a color touch screen of 205 x 148 pixels (width by height) which display parameters like the number of steps, the distance traveled (in km), the calories spent per day and analyzes your sleep. It also displays a complete report of your daily activity following this information.

The 920XT incorporates sensors that let you know your heart rate and your power.

If you are a cyclist, know that the watch can make an estimate of your VO2 max. The Garmin Forerunner 920XT provides you with information about your physical evolution. In addition, there is a yellow gauge that gives you the opportunity to make a comparison of your prowess with those of other athletes in the same category as you.

For the running mode, this watch analyzes your stride with the Running Dynamics function. It can also be connected to the HRM-Run HR belt not only for your pulse per minute but also to record your pace, ground contact time and vertical oscillation. So that you’re always in the right rhythm without having your eyes riveted at all times on the screen, the Garmin Forerunner 920XT features a metronome function with vibrant, audible signals that keep you in sync with the rate you have chosen.

The Garmin Forerunner 920XT is also a watch designed specifically for swimming. It has a water resistance of 5 ATM, which makes it waterproof to a depth of 40m. The 920XT will not fail if you swim in a lake, pool, river or high seas.

This watch actually records and displays your swimming data such as speed, number, and frequency of movements, distance traveled and SWOLF score. There are also integrated educational practices that allow you to analyze the efforts you make during the series of leg kicks.

If you do not know, the Garmin Forerunner is equipped with the HRM-Swim function. The latter is intended for swimming training. It allows you to train by knowing your heart rate even underwater.

This watch recognizes the type of swimming you practice. Whether it’s freestyle, back, crown, butterfly, … the Garmin Forerunner will display all the parameters you need for your progress.

You can transfer data through the Garmin Connect TM Mobile app to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. This allows you to share online or to categorize information.

By setting up a WI-FI access point, the watch automatically syncs with Garmin Connect and transfers information about your workout to your computer. If not, you can still use a USB connection for data transfer.

In addition, you can customize your phone’s dial with a photo of your choice by downloading the free Garmin Face-It Mapp.

This watch still has a small concern about the virtual function that only takes into account the activities recorded in the history of the watch.

  • Multisport watchGood displayCustomizable dialIntegrated drives
  • Supplied without chargerWrong operation of Virtual Partner


Buying Guide: How to choose Best Watch For Swimming?

Best-gps offers more than 50 swim watches, GPS, golf and other multi-sports, making you perhaps the difficult and intimidating choice. Fortunately, we help you make the right choice with this little shopping guide on how to choose your swim watch.

Who uses a swimming watch?

The first question to ask yourself is to know who the swimming watch is. The specific swimming watches are more oriented athletes swimming pool , while the GPS watches and multi-sports are better suited for amateur triathletes and open water . Swim-specific watches have features like the lap and hop counter and the ability to measure the length of your run . GPS and multi-sport watches are more geared to measure the overall distance of the swimmer in miles or kilometers, in addition to tracking the speed or pace in places with open water.

How to choose Best Watch For Swimming in October 2019?

Since these watches all have different capabilities, it’s important to decide which features are most important to you, your training and your competition goals . Whether you are training for the National Masters and need a workout function to keep pace or you are a local triathlete and you need to know your SWOLF (association of SWIM and GOLF: score calculated as the the sum of the time (in seconds) taken to achieve a pool length and the number of movement cycles (right arm + left arm) made to travel that length.) in order to keep the distance per stroke visually, there is awatch adapted for you .

Registers and Training Applications

Most swim watches, GPS and multi-sports are connected to their own registers and online applications , which help athletes keep track of their progress. If you’re an athlete who likes to train with numbers and data, a swimming watch, GPS or multi-sports should be at the top of your list for Santa.

Size, shape, and color

Whether you are looking for a more fashionable or more functional watch, Best-gps offers a multitude of options. Neophyte and beginner swimmers will benefit more from PaceWatch’s more traditional Brilliant Swim, as it will help them become more comfortable and accustomed to reading a rhythm clock. Other swimmers will prefer a watch with a larger screen, such as the Suunto and Garmin styles, which have more visible numbers that are easier to read on the fly. If you are a swimmer looking for a more elegant and lighter style, then be sure to refine your search by shapes and weight before making a purchase.

Why is a swimming watch useful?

downloadingSwimming with a high-tech training tool as one of these watches and simply one more way to improve your performance and knowledge about this sport. Swimming with a sports watch is another way to go ahead and train at the highest level possible. GPS watches can help you work smarter by counting your loads, relaying your “splits” (time difference between first and second half) instantly, and recording your miles on the online logbook. The register and application that accompany each watch allows all these functions to be tracked and saved as long as you need it. With the ability to revise previous sessions, you can become as regular and methodical as you want in your future workouts.

Characteristics of a swimming watch

moov2-1444668099-LXNb-column-width-inlineWhether you’re a competitive swimmer training for your next triathlon, or just wanting to boost your fitness level, it’s important to track your progress during each workout. For swimmers, progression can be measured in time, pace and brews. Unfortunately, not all swimmers have access to a veteran coach who could provide them with information, perfectly timed rhythm clocks, or a workout buddy who could stay close to measure them. The swimming watches(and other portable training monitoring devices with swimming capabilities) can fill this gap, providing valuable data through several performance indicators. Having access to this information can reveal your strengths, points that need to be worked on, and help you find ways to improve your training and become a better swimmer. The wide variety of device choices may seem daunting, but the reason is that there is a device that is suitable for every type of swimmer. This guide explains in great detail many features in the devices, allows you to compare what’s on the market, and help you choose a suitable device to get you on the right track and become a swimmer faster and enduring.

Lap time

Most devices have a function to measure lap time . A faster time is usually an indicator of progress. However, sometimes a slower time may appear despite a more pronounced feeling of effort. Similarly, a more relaxed effort with better technique can give a better time. Lap time can also tell you if you are improving each of your workouts (although you do not physically feel any difference!) By variations in brewing technique, effort, and your feeling in the water.

Turn count

Many devices are able to count the number of laps so you do not have to.


Rhythm is an average of time calculated by dividing the time of your session by the number of complete laps . Almost all devices will give you the rhythm.

Duration of length

Some devices will record the time required to perform a length . The standard individual lengths are 25 meters for short runs or 50 meters for long runs . Some devices are even able to set a custom length, in case you use an unconventional pool. Knowing this duration can help you observe your progress or decrease in your performance from sessions to sessions.

Recognition of loads6150-948e2848dcf5b2cd938ace9c52685653-1444668149-nB4T-column-width-inline

Some devices offer the ability to recognize loads , allowing you to differentiate the segments of your session in which you swum different loads. For swimmers using different loads in their sessions, this allows them to see the performance and information individually, brewed by arm, rather than mixing all the data into a single value.


SWOLF (Swim Golf) is a measure of efficiency . It is derived by adding your time (in seconds) and the number of loads it takes to make a length (25 meters or 50 meters) . The lower your SWOLF, the more power you generate for each load (efficiency).

Exercise mode

Some devices may still collect limited data while swimming with unconventional loads or when using swimming accessories such as boards or buoys.

Cardiac frequency

The heart rate (beats) is the most effective way to measure the intensity of your swimming session . This is a value that can be used to show improvement in fitness regardless of the speed at which you swim. For example, a novice swimmer covering 1,000 meters in 20 minutes will produce more effort (higher heart rate) than a well-conditioned and more experienced swimmer. As the novice swimmer becomes in better shape, he will get a lower heart rate for the same workout.

Swimming devices that incorporate heart rate functionality will provide intermediate or constant frequencies through pairing with a heart rate module (usually a chest strap).

One thing to keep in mind: Many multi-sport devices rely on ANT + technology to communicate between the heart rate strap and the device. ANT + signals are not routed through the water , so some devices will not have this feature for swimming.

Workout Alerts

Some devices may alert you to sounds or other sensitive indicators when you have reached certain levels in your session, such as laps , time, and distance .

Device types

Now that you know the different features that a swimming device can offer you, how do you decide which one to choose? There are 2 main categories for this .

Swimming watches

The natations watches are devices specific to swim . In addition to measuring swimming data, they will generally offer the same services as a classic watch like the time and have long-lasting batteries easily replaceable . These devices are goal- driven and tend to be very effective in tracking exercise sessions . Swim watches are a wide range of swimmers, from the more casual swimmer to the hard-working athlete.

Multi-sports watches

S2_13_COMP_AJet_A_RBack_RGB_03_Watch_HeroThe multi-sport watches are devices able to follow other sports as swimming. These devices often incorporate GPS functionality and have capabilities dedicated to running or cycling , making these watches an excellent choice for triathlon athletes . Multi-sport watches are typically more complex to use than swim-specific watches, but embrace a wider range of features. Many multi-sport watches have a larger shape than swimming watches and rely on rechargeable batteries.

Benefits of the swimming watch

  • Access to valuable data impossible to obtain in normal times
  • Ability to workout alone
  • Varied choice in design, functions and price
  • Help with the progression and understanding of swimming

In summary

Choosing the right device can be difficult, but once you understand the features of each device and how they can help you become a better swimmer, you will be able to choose the product that best suits your needs.

Depending on your budget, a swimmer’s watch costs between € 30 and € 500. These high-tech devices are not cheap, but there’s something for every budget today. A swimming watch can not only help an athlete raise the level of his training but also their understanding of this discipline. Before making your purchase, be sure to determine what you are looking for in a swimming watch. Carefully read every detail of the products that Best-gps offers for you, as they will be very useful for you to highlight the different features and have a clearer picture of what you want.

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