Top 4 (REAL) Best Sodastream Machines 2019 – Comparative

After several hours of research, we made our selection of Top 4 Best Sodastream Machines among a dozen models available on the market. And without question, it is the Sodastream Spirit that wins our preference.

Simple, efficient and quality, it is not adorned with accessories or unnecessary features. It makes your water sparkling to your taste and after all, that’s what you expect from a soda machine, right?

Why trust us’s editorial team spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing and comparing products to find the best value for money.

None of our articles are sponsored. We sometimes receive a commission when you buy a product via our links, which allows us to finance our work while remaining completely impartial.

How did we choose?

The difficulty of choosing a soda machine lies in the small number of models available on the market.

In fact, in addition to the well-known Sodastream Machines, we only found five or six models from other brands. The multinational clearly has the monopoly of bubbles.

To decide between them, here are the main features that we thought we needed to linger before investing in a soda machine:

  • The bottle fixing system: the bottles are fixed by screwing or by clips. Sodastream Machines, the leading brand in the market, has even developed its own intelligent fastening system: the Snap-lock System.
  • The choice of classification level: some models offer the possibility of choosing the gas level. So, press the button one, two or three times to inject the right amount of gas and get water from fine sparkling to “explosive”. In the high end, some products will even have a gasification controlled or electric buttons.
  • The container: you have the choice between plastic bottles or glass. The former are appreciated for their low cost, their practicality and their lightness but they will have to be replaced more often. Glass bottles, more fragile, have the advantage of being usable “to infinity” and easily washable. Note that if you opt for plastic bottles, they must be guaranteed without BPA.

Finally, it is clear that on paper, they have about the same things to offer. It was therefore necessary to separate them according to more specific criteria such as price, user reviews, or design.

At the end of our refining, we finally pinned 4 models, which we consider to be the Best Sodastream Machines on the market.


The Best Sodastream Machines Cheap 

At less than 60 $, it is very difficult to find a quality soda machine. That’s why our selection starts only from this price.

The model below does not clutter multiple options and is simple enough, but it will do the job, and it will do it well.


Sodastream Spirit: The Best Price | Best Sodastream Machines

Equipped with the famous “Snap Lock System”, it’s easy to set your bottle on the Sodastream Machines Spirit. The principle ? Position the bottle, clip, and you’re done.

Like all appliances of the brand, the gas level is “more or less” adjustable in the sense that it depends on the number of pressures made on the gasification button.

Thus, three pressures ensure a sparkling “normal”, but if you want water finer bubbles or full-bodied, you find the right balance. However, be careful not to abuse it, too much gas injected can end up exploding your bottle or overflow water.

At the level of the container, the machine is delivered with a BPA-free PET bottle with a capacity of 1 L. In the box, you will also find a C0₂ cylinder and will be able to use your SodaStream Machines as soon as it is received.

Note that the cartridge change may seem a bit difficult at first and the rather basic user manual will not help you. But the device is quite intuitive, you will quickly understand the principle.

Available in black and white , it comes in different soft colors and summer ( pastel blue, pink, and red ) and brighten your kitchen.

Finally, this little machine has everything of a big. It is not for nothing that users appreciate it: we are here on a model that combines simplicity, efficiency and quality. What more ?

PS: This model also exists in the high-end version ( Sodastream Machines One Touch) and is then equipped with an electric control. But suddenly, the device needs to be connected. And pay an extra 30-40 $ for three electric buttons and a less portable device, it’s not worth it for us.

  • Easy fastening system

  • Sober but neat design

  • Choice of level of gasification

  • Rather brief instruction manual

  • Cartridge change a little difficult

Sodastream Cool: The Cheap Alternative | Best Sodastream Machines

You will understand quickly, Sodastream has the monopoly of soda machines. Which explains why one finds again, in second choice, a device of the famous mark.

The Cool model differs from the Spirit in its attachment system. Here, you will have to screw the bottles before gasifying them. A mode of operation equally easy and which has the advantage of being less fragile.

As its predecessor proposes, the gas level is adjustable thanks to a push button located on the top of the machine.

Again, the device does not need to be plugged in for operation, which is an advantage to consider.

This unit comes with a 1L bottle and a 50cl bottle (ideal to carry), as well as a CO₂ cylinder. It will be necessary to think of changing your containers from time to time, because although they can be put in the dishwasher, the bottles are not eternal.

Small problem: the device is only available in white. We would have appreciated that, like its other models, Sodastream offers us a wider choice of colors.

In the end, although fixing a little more difficult to handle some people, this soda machine seems to fill users, who have little to blame him. Easy to use, practical and intuitive, the Cool is distinguished from its main competitor only by its manual fixing system.


  • Choice of level of gasification
  • Intuitive handling
  • Manual fastening system
  • Available in one color

The best mid-range soda machines

When you exceed the 100 $ mark, there are slightly more sophisticated devices, with a finer design. But few products are worth it. This explains once again that only one machine was selected in this price range.

Here, the model that we advise you is distinguished by its container, since it is one of the only market to offer the alternative of glass bottles.


Sodastream Crystal: The Best Midrange | Best Sodastream Machines


Well, if you read this article from the beginning, you will not be surprised … It is still a Sodastream model that wins our preference in the high end. I certify that we are not sponsored by the brand. Simply, they are the most qualitative in the field.

The brand does not integrate this model with its famous “Snap lock System”. Of course, with a glass bottle, you need a slightly softer system, which avoids shocks. Here, simply insert the bottle in the container for this purpose and you’re done.

As always at Sodastream, the level of gasification is adjustable according to the number of pressures.

But back to the element that interests us: the famous glass bottle (which highlights the elegant design). The advantage of glass? In addition to being more aesthetic, it is reusable “to infinity” and washable by hand or in the dishwasher without problems (which is not the case of PET bottles). By cons, we regret their small capacity of about 600 ml.

By adding a more noble material and a slightly more complex system, the brand offers this machine at a higher price than the other models. But if you take into account that you will not need to buy new bottles every six months, it may be worth it (and the cost).

Finally, it is estimated that the investment is relevant if you regularly use your soda machine. Since glass is a more durable material than plastic, the basic price will quickly pay off. Otherwise, for the rest, you can count on Sodastream quality that will not disappoint you.

  • Glass bottles

  • durable

  • Effective and aesthetic

  • Small capacity of bottles

The best high-end soda machines

When you exceed the $150 mark for a soda machine, you really need the device to stand out.

While the majority of manufacturers do not rely on aesthetics, this device is a true object of design and offers an exemplary material quality.


Aarke Carbonator II : The best upscale | Best Sodastream Machines

Little known in Europe, Aarke is a Swedish brand that offers ultra design soda machines.

Available in five colors ( lacquered white, matte black, gold, copper and silver ), this device will suit lovers of design and luxury products.

In the fixing system, the Carbonator II opted for screwing.

And to make your water sparkling, it’s easy: just activate the lever to let the gas in your bottle and hold it until you hear a buzzing sound. Although finding the right dosage is quite difficult at first, once the machine is taken in hand, you will not even ask the question.

With the device, you will be provided with high quality (and non-toxic) PET bottle. Nevertheless, at this price, we believe that a bottle of better quality (in glass) would have been welcome.

However, the gas bottle will have to be bought by yourself. And for convenience, the Carbonator II is compatible with the most used Sodastream CO₂ gas cartridge ( 425 g / 60L ) and 60 L cartridges from other major manufacturers (AGA, Linde, etc.).

Completely designed in stainless steel, it has the merit of offering excellent material quality. This machine, if it does not encounter any technical problems, will stay beautiful for years on the counter of your kitchen.

In fine , even if the user comments are rather positive and the material quality is present, we find that almost 200 $ to make bubbles, it’s a bit expensive paid. It will suit design enthusiasts more than fans of soda and sparkling water.

  • Elegant design

  • Made of stainless steel

  • Compatible with SodaStream gas cylinders

  • Plastic bottles

  • Expensive

Honorable Mentions 

Tibet Soda Machine: Tibet is a brand that manufactures home appliances accessories at a low price. And their model could almost have its place in the section “low prices” but SodaStream won our preference (and that of users). So, it finally finds its place in our honorable mentions.

SodaStream Power: If you love technology, then you will be won over by the most expensive model of the Sodastream range since it incorporates touch buttons. Awesome will you tell us? Yes except that, which says electrical buttons said electricity, said need to be connected and also said price too high for so little (according to us)!


In conclusion, which soda machine to choose?

For sparkling water every day, we recommend the SodaStream Spirit. It’s a nice little machine that does its job and does it well. Solid and easy to use, its low price makes us say it is well worth the detour.

If you are sensitive to sustainable materials, it is the Sodastream Crystal that will seduce you, since it is the only one to offer glass containers. In the long run, you will have to change your bottles less often. Robust and efficient, it also gives you the opportunity to choose the gas level.

Finally, if you want a machine combining design, efficiency, and practicality, Parke Carbonator II will undoubtedly find its place in your kitchen. While the majority of manufacturers do not rely on aesthetics, this device is a real object of decoration. Entirely designed in stainless steel, it offers an exemplary material quality.


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