Top 5 Best Silent Fan – Buying Guide in 2020

Last updated on April 14th, 2020 at 06:09 am

Summer is coming, and with it, the hot weather is not far! The heatwave is at the tip of his nose, making the atmosphere quite suffocating for many. Lack of air, lack of freshness, lack of shaded areas: the heat is everywhere, even where you do not want it! For this, fans are an investment of the most interesting – and all the more for silent fans, which preserve the freshness of your rooms … and your peace! Let’s see all this together in the comparison of silent fans before turning to the dedicated buying guide.

The comparison that you will find below is based on the concurrent analysis of two data: the technical characteristics, firstly, in order to have a base of comparison, then the customers’ opinions, in a second time, in order to be able to counterbalance the potentials ” announcement effects “from the manufacturers. We thus manage to build an opinion as objective as complete.

Comparison of the best silent fans: our selection

#1 Honeywell HT-900 Best Silent Fan

This is certainly one of the most popular silent fans among consumers, and we can easily understand why! Indeed, it succeeds in betting a price well below what the competition offers, while managing to maintain a good level of performance. That was not enough for customers!

Editor’s review

An excellent deal not to doubt. The price-performance ratio is excellent, and the device even manages to show even performance, in some respects, to more expensive fans. Keep in mind that the speeds are not very useful in view of the meager differences that separate them, but at least the wind tunnel is effective on all!

  • It is possible to install the fan on a wall (the construction is provided for this purpose)

  • Proposes up to 3 speeds to alternate between power and silence

  • 40W power

  • The device is delivered fully assembled

  • Thanks to its studied and ergonomic support, the device is perfectly stable, both on the ground and on a table

  • Large inclination (up to 90 °) for optimal room coverage

  • Transport is facilitated thanks to the handle provided for this purpose

  • Excellent 3 year manufacturer warranty

  • “Upside” speed operation: the first level is the most powerful

  • The difference between the different speeds is not transcendent

  • What do consumers say?

#2 Rowenta VU6670 Best Silent Fan

Apart from the remote-controlled function that hardly convinces, customers appreciate this model, and give it an excellent efficiency in the diffusion of freshness, where the fans columns are traditionally less generous on this side. Note that the device is quite complete and gives you opportunities for customization, which is not without offense to many consumers. Customers also specify that if the product sheet indicates that the machine offers 4 speeds, it actually offers only 3.

Editor’s review

The price-quality ratio is interesting, it is certain, all the more vis-à-vis this quality of manufacture and efficiency. We will not keep a good memory of the remote control, but that does not matter: it remains accessory and does not prevent you from taking advantage of your silent fan.

  • 40W power

  • Possibility to choose between 3 speeds, depending on the desired airflow, but also the emission of sound disturbances

  • Great coverage of the oscillation thanks to its 180 ° angle

  • Timer allows you to schedule fan usage up to 8 hours

  • Includes a power saving mode to reduce your electricity consumption, while enjoying a light breeze

  • The auto-stop function prevents the engine from getting tired by constantly turning and “in the wind”

  • Includes a remote control with storage space, directly on the device

  • The device is stable, reliable and strong thanks to its large foot

  • The cleaning of the machine is facilitated thanks to the irremovable grill at the back of the machine

  • The manufacturer warranty is 2 years

  • The battery of the remote control is not supplied

  • The remote is a little “gadget” because its range is relatively low

  • What do consumers say?

#3 Honeywell QuietSet Best Silent Fan

What do consumers say?

This is evidenced by the very good popularity of the model on purchasing platforms: this fan in column largely convinces customers, especially as they value greatly the value for money. While small logistical improvements would be welcome, the qualitative offer is widely available and sufficient for consumers.

Editor’s review

Just like consumers, we are delighted by this model! However, it applies well to this one the famous saying “the fan brews hot air”, which is also not systematic for all the models. Fortunately, the pleasant breeze that emerges from the machine is enough to refresh!

  • Includes 8 speeds to regulate the sound level, according to your desires and the time of the day or night

  • Column fan for a better design

  • The timer goes up to 8 hours in a row and allows you to plan the use of the silent fan

  • The device can be controlled remotely with the remote control

  • Oscillation at 80 ° for a large surface coverage

  • Ability to adjust the brightness of the display screen, for example for the night

  • Good 3 year manufacturer warranty

  • LEDs light up when shifting, but can not be switched off remotely, only from the camera directly

  • Kisscool effect rather than freshness

#4 Rowenta VU5670 Best Silent Fan

  • Good power of 70W

  • Large diameter propellers to reach a larger area: 40cm

  • Offers Turbo Silence Extreme technology, for maximum power and a minimum of decibels

  • Offers up to 5 speeds for ideal airflow customization

  • Possibility of remote control thanks to the remote control

  • Includes a timer for up to 8 hours for better control of fan operation

  • Includes a very powerful turbo function for which it is possible to activate the function “Decrescendo”, which gradually decreases the air flow to return to a normal level

  • 5 blade propeller for maximum efficiency

  • Possibility to adjust the height on 30cm

  • The fan is imposing and rather heavy: 8,85kg

  • The battery for the remote control

#5 Rowenta VU2531 Best Silent Fan

  • The price is more affordable in view of the selection

  • Turbo Silence Extreme Dual Feature: Increases the power of the machine while reducing noise considerably

  • Special night mode, “Silent Night”, to reduce noise up to 42 decibels

  • The fan includes a propeller with 5 blades to get freshness from the start

  • Includes Turbo Boost feature for temporary increase of airflow

  • Possibility to manually adjust the orientation or to let the fan automatically oscillate to cover the largest possible area

  • Ability to choose between 4 speeds, depending on the desired temperature

  • When the silent mode is activated for the night, a blue LED is displayed, which may interfere

  • Oddly enough, the silent mode is located after the 4 basic speeds, involving having to go through them first to reach it

Silent fan purchase guide

Why buy a silent fan? Benefits and features

The best silent fans have no secrets for you! But it is also possible that you want to find yourself the silent fan of your dreams. To help you in your approach, we, therefore, make available below the useful information to buy a silent fan.
Let us quickly discuss the advantages of such a machine, but if they appear rather clear. In hot weather, the fan is a sure ally: even if it has the reputation of “brewing hot air”, it remains that it does indeed release, as we feel, a feeling of freshness. Depending on the range and power, you can have more or less sophisticated devices. Note that the silent fan also has the main advantage of not causing a circus sound when it is activated.
Buy a silent fan: the technical criteria

The criteria we use below are the ones used to establish our selection. So you can use it to find the fan that suits you best.

The power

It is interesting to know the power, even if it will not be the paramount criterion. This indication will tell you what performance the device can achieve, which can be useful if you have large parts and need high airflow. Note that the power usually starts around 40W, but can go up to 70W for more sophisticated models.

Noise and sound level

Since you are looking to buy a quiet fan, silence is a fundamental criterion! For that no secret: consider the number of decibels emitted by the device in operation. Most so-called silent fans also include specific features to drastically reduce noise, such as a night mode. Hence the interest of enjoying at home a super quiet room fan!

Desktop fan or column fan?

Both models have advantages as well as interests.
The desktop fan has the advantage of price and compactness. It is also an ideal choice if you are looking for power. On the other hand, they are noisier and less effective models on large rooms, in addition to lacking aesthetics.
The column fan, on the other hand, has the advantage of aesthetics but is a little more expensive.

Oscillation and orientation

As with any conventional fan, automatic oscillation can cover the entire room without you having to intervene. Some will allow you to stay in a locked position to achieve unidirectional airflow. As far as the orientation is concerned, it is mostly adjustable manually, when this is only possible.
Note that the height can also be adjustable on some models.

Remote control

Some manufacturers can control the fan remotely, but make sure that this is of interest to you, especially if some functions are not remotely controllable, such as turning off the LEDs.

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