The 6 (real) Best Robot Vacuums 2020

Last updated on April 14th, 2020 at 06:08 am

After several hours of research and a detailed examination of thirty models, we have selected the 6 best robot vacuums currently available. Of these, Bagotte BG600 wins our preference.

Versatile and easily programmable, it is ideal for carpets and hard floors. This model automatically returns to its charging station. You also have the option of delineating an area to be vacuumed with a magnetic stripe.

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How did we choose?

Preferred to hand vacuum, the broom vacuum cleaners, but also to conventional vacuum cleaners with or without bags, robot vacuums have become increasingly affordable.

Due to technological progress in recent years, many models of robot vacuums now exist on the market, and it is not easy to make a choice.

Therefore, to make your choice easier, it seemed important to distinguish the three existing navigation systems:

  • The random navigation system: robot vacuum cleaners with artificial intelligence work with predetermined programs that should cover the entire room. They often have an obstacle detection, but it is purely contextual: they do not memorize nor anticipate their location. These models are often less expensive, but also necessarily less effective. The robot must pass several times in all directions before it has covered the entire surface of your room.
  • Camera navigation system: A camera vacuum cleaner uses visual interpretation software to create a 3D map from the collected image. This is the case of several models published since 2015-2016. This technology is a serious advance over the wandering of earlier models, but it is not without flaws. This interpretation is, of course, imperfect. In addition, some smaller obstacles literally go under the radar.
  • The laser telemetry navigation system: straight from the building and military worlds, laser technology is by far the most efficient. Thanks to a laser mesh of what is in front of him, the vacuum cleaner detects all the reliefs and obstacles. If artificial intelligence follows, it can even save mapping in its memory and learn the perfect path piece by piece.

As far as the features are concerned, many of the options that are often touted as revolutionary by the manufacturers are put forward by them. But which ones are really useful? We have distinguished three:

  • RTH or Return to Home: this option is more and more common on mobile connected objects, such as drones. In case of damage or lack of battery, they come back safely and take care of their recharge. It is now a rather standard feature on mid-range and high-end products.
  • The DNE or Do Not Enter : materialized in the form of a physical cord or a programming option, this option prevents your vacuum cleaner from entering a particular zone.
  • Early planning : Since 2015, almost all robot vacuums have the option of advance programming of courses, and this is one of the main advantages of robot vacuums. Programming is done directly on the vacuum via a screen or smartphone.
  • Connectivity: On some robot vacuums, options are available on the enclosure itself. On others (more recent), manufacturers have chosen to migrate these options on a smartphone application, more convenient. The disadvantages are at the Wi-Fi that can be capricious or not cover the entire space of the house. Also pay attention to the Android or iOS compatibility of the application.

Finally, as specified by some specialized sites, before choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to check what type of soil it is able to treat. If the vast majority is doing well to dust tiled floors, floors and vinyls, it is not necessarily the same thing once on a carpet or carpet.

Following these characteristics, we managed to elect the following 6 robot vacuum cleaners as the most interesting of the moment.


The best cheap robot vacuum cleaners

With the democratization of robot vacuum cleaner prices in recent years, it is possible to find some powerful models without breaking the bank.

Of course, there are always points on which manufacturers must make concessions, but the products we have selected here, given the interesting features they offer, have a very good price / quality ratio.


Eufy RoboVac 11S: The Best Cheap

Eufy is a subsidiary of the Anker brand, famous for its external batteries, and whose products are generally of excellent quality.

With its rather traditional round shape and glossy coating, the RoboVac 11S looks pretty good and the finishes are flawless. On the other hand, if the tempered glass lid is anti-scratch, it retains fingerprints. Its 0.6-liter tank is a good size.

The “s” means “slim”, it is a finer version of the previous RoboVac 11. And with less than 8 cm in height, it is indeed compact, which allows it to pass easily under most furniture.

It comes with its charging station, a main cleaning brush, four rotating brushes, a spare filter, a remote control (with batteries), and even plastic cable ties to organize your cables. The charging station, which is small, has a compartment for storing the remote control easily.

If the main cleaning brush is a bit small, its combination with both rotating brushes is rather effective. It is primarily suitable for hard floors or short pile carpets, and is quite quiet, with a noise level of 55 dB.

It has three suction modes: Normal, boostIQ and Max. In normal use, you can count on a range of about 100 minutes, against about 60 in BoostIQ and 45 in Max mode.

If it has an obstacle detector as well as a vacuum sensor, it does not perform a part mapping system. It therefore moves according to a random system, but its autonomy nevertheless allows it to suck a large area correctly before having to go through the refill box.

In the end, the Eufy RoboVac 11S is a small robot vacuum very powerful despite its compactness. And if it is not the best in the market, if only because of its random navigation system, it has valuable assets, whose silence is not the least.

  • Compact and pleasant design
  • Suction power correct
  • Quiet
  • Remote control
  • Random navigation system

ILife A4s : The Cheap Alternative

ILife is a company specialized in the manufacture of robot vacuum cleaners. The A4s is one of the most popular of the brand: it is a model that is both powerful and quiet, and adapts to different types of surfaces.

This robot has a good autonomy of 140 minutes, particularly valuable for a model at this price! You can also program the cleaning, it will come back to its charging station once the work done or the battery empty.

He becomes familiar with his various sensors, your interior, the obstacles he may encounter in your rooms. Nothing resists this robot: it sucks not only dust, but also hair, food scraps, and other small debris.

The maintenance of this device is not complicated, because you can remove the brush and clear the dust in two clicks. The container is not big but you can already suck a lot of surface without having to empty it. It passes under furniture that is high enough, and is redirected when it encounters an obstacle.

Note, however, that it is not scheduled and it does not work through the use of an application. However, it’s a robot that does its job well!

And if you need to refresh your piece in the water, ILife also offers another robot that we find very interesting: the ILife V5s Pro that we quote at the end of this article among our honorable mentions.

In the end, it is a robot that works without application, but offers many other advantages for its price. Indeed, it has a great autonomy, adapts to different types of surfaces, and is able to suck small debris. However, we preferred the model Eufy RoboVac 11S which is slightly more powerful and which embeds a larger dust bin.

  • Affordable price
  • Effective
  • Quiet
  • High autonomy
  • Low capacity
  • Aspire randomly
  • Limited daily programming

The best mid-range robot vacuums

In this section, we have chosen two robot vacuums that have more advanced features, while remaining affordable.


Bagotte 1600PA: The Best Mid-Range

The Bagotte is equipped for dry cleaning on all types of surfaces including carpets and hard floors. It has a power of 28 W (suction power up to 1500 Pa).

With six cleaning modes, you can program automatic cleaning, edges, stains, one-piece cleaning, maximum power cleaning or planning in advance.

The cleaning time can be up to 100 minutes depending on the programmed mode. When the battery is low, the robot automatically returns to its charging station.

The remote control allows you to program the aspiration and to control the robot remotely. You can perform the automatic cleaning or ask your little robot to go to the loading station for example.

Some users note that it is slightly noisy (55 dB), but this is not comparable to a classic sled vacuum cleaner. It is a small robot that should surprise you with its power, a precious help for the household! Note also that you can delimit beforehand the area to be cleaned (thanks to the magnetic strip).

Other strengths noted by users are its ease of use and efficiency. Several accessories (including replacement filters and brushes) are included with this model.

Its small size allows it to go under some sofas and other furniture that are not too low. It should also mention its price, which is not high, compared to the competition and if we look in more detail on its technical characteristics.

Also note that there is a model Bagotte 3-in-1 (1200 Pa, 24 W, four modes of cleaning) which includes a mop function to refresh the grounds. Only small negative point raised by the testers is the water tank which is a bit small.

In the end, it is a mid-range model (not connected) that defends well its place. Its features, cleaning time and accessories make it the current best model of our selection. Its design is rather compact, mat and well finished, but what matters most is its effectiveness.

  • 6 cleaning modes
  • Possibility of programming suction schedules
  • Remote control and accessories
  • Possibility of delimiting the areas to be cleaned
  • No defects found

Ecovacs Deebot N79S: The Mid-Range Alternative

Even if the name Ecovacs Deebot is not the best known in the world of robot vacuum cleaners, we chose for this section the robot vacuum cleaner which was the bestseller of the beginning of the year 2018. One of the main factors of its success, of course, is its low price.

First of all, it has the features of obstacle detection and vacuum recognition, which prevents it from inadvertent suicides on your stairs. But still, it can be controlled via a remote control, the Ecovacs Home app on your smartphone or by voice, thanks to Alexa.

According to Philippe, the application of Deebot is very practical, because it allows displaying its activity report and the remaining life of the accessories.

Design side, it is again around a vacuum cleaner, which is about 8 cm high. Its brushed-brown appearance gives it a sleek look, and soft shock-resistant coatings do nothing to spoil the look. On the other hand, its biggest negative point is its 0.3 L tank.

This model comes with its charging station, a main brush, two side brushes and a remote control. Too bad there are no replacement brushes. But we must admit that at this price, we can not have everything!

Aspiration point of view, it proves successful on hard floors and fine carpets. His navigation system is random, but you can program four modes: the Auto mode for global cleaning, the Edge mode along the edges of the room, Spot mode has deep clean a specific area, and the Max mode allows increased suction. This mode is a little too noisy to use in your presence because, already in normal mode, it reaches the 67 dB bar.

Finally, it has a good autonomy: up to 100 minutes in Auto mode. One advantage is that it has the RTH and therefore automatically returns to its base when it is flat.

In the end, even if it is not the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S offers many options for its price. The enthusiasm that he experienced in early 2018 (but continues to assert today) is not at all unworthy.

  • A lot of features for its price
  • Control via remote control, application or Alexa
  • Good suction capacity on hard surfaces
  • Tank too small
  • Quite noisy
  • Random navigation

The best high-end robot vacuum cleaners

In this section, we have selected two products that are worth, according to our research, their higher price.

These are robot vacuums that offer many features and can be connected.

roborock S50: The Best High-End

The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is a powerful model (5200 mAh battery) equipped with LDS sensors. With 13 sensors, it can accurately map the environment in which it must operate and bypass the various obstacles it may encounter.

It is also able to refresh your soil with water, a little more appreciated for extra use. According to users, this function does not clean thoroughly, but is largely the case for a small refresh.

You must install the application that is intended for him to enjoy all its features. With Mi Home, you can program the start and stop of the robot, but also its charging, its route, the cleaning mode, and many other functions. It is compatible with Iphone and Android, and requires Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz.

This robot has several modes of operation including a Silencer, and a Turbo. It displays a maximum suction power of 2000 Pa. The 5200 mAh Li-ion battery offers a battery life of 150 minutes, the largest in this comparison. Despite being powerful, the sound level remains acceptable (66 dB).

He automatically returns to his charging station when he runs out of battery, then resumes his work where he left off. The dust bin has a capacity of 480 ml and the water tank, a small capacity of 140 ml.

The only regret expressed by some users is the lack of a backup option for the different floors (which will probably be possible in the future?).

In the end, this 2-in-1 robot (58 W) will be suitable for people looking for a versatile and efficient vacuum cleaner on all types of floors. Thanks to its LDS navigation system, it is able to accurately map and plan the area to be vacuumed. Programmable and dirigible via the application dedicated to it, it will certainly please fans of connected devices.

  • Connected model 2-in-1
  • Very good suction power
  • Laser rangefinder navigation
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Mop function a little light
  • No floor management

iRobot Roomba 960 : The High-End Alternative

iRobot is the leader in the United States for robot vacuums, and the brand is gradually establishing itself in France. And if this model was launched at 1200 € in 2016, it is easily found today at a much more affordable price.

Its design is extremely neat, with a minimalist surface. And for good reason: like other models born since 2015, everything is done by smartphone (iOS and Android).

The application is one of the best optimized and most intuitive. Three modes are available: automatic, performance or eco, which correspond more or less to three suction powers.

Its navigation system is unique: coupled with laser tracking, the Roomba 960 uses a special camera that maps the parts. An artificial intelligence optimizes the movements to go everywhere.

His detection of obstacles is flawless, and it is a point of honor to go as close as possible without hitting them to limit the noise. Add to that a strong suction power, even in eco mode. On carpets and hard floors, the result is close to the flawless.

In addition, it is easy to maintain since its brushes are mainly rubber. No stuffing, and we can wash them with water about once a month. The 1L collector is very comfortable and ample. This is all the more honorable that it is equipped with a HEPA filter easy to change. It is necessary to underline the ease with which one reaches the various components of the apparatus which guarantee an easy and fast maintenance.

We regret, on the other hand, a slightly high volume that quickly exceeds 70 dB, and a questionable autonomy (75 minutes). However, it returns to its base automatically to recharge and finish the job.

In the end, although it is a little older than other competitors, the Roomba 960 continues to earn its price and is still among the best robot vacuums available on the market.

  • Good suction power on hard floors
  • One of the best applications
  • Well-designed navigation system
  • Average autonomy
  • Quite noisy

Honorable Mentions 

ILife V5s Pro: it includes a water tank and a broom for dry and wet cleaning (on hard floors such as parquet or tiling). You will be able to program the cleaning, your vacuum cleaner will come back to its charging station after having done the work. However, we did not include this model in our selection, user reviews being more mixed than those of the A4s version.

Proscenic Robot Vacuum 820T: this connected robot can be controlled via the remote control or a smartphone. It has a water tank, verifiable on the application dedicated to it (ProscenicHome). This model comes with many accessories (brushes, magnetic stripe, HEPA filters, remote control, etc.). The mapping system for this model, however, seems more approximate than others.

iRobot Roomba 671: this model is a vacuum cleaner for hard floors and carpets, equipped with a dust sensor. You can connect your device via Wi-Fi to your smartphone to program your vacuum via the iRobot Home App. The Dirt Detect of your vacuum cleaner detects the dirtier areas to clean them deeper. The Roomba 671 is cheaper than the Roomba 960, but it offers better battery life and is more powerful.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected: it uses Laser Smart technology to scan and map your home and clean all areas. You can plan cleaning on several levels: a map is created by the application so that you can view the cleaned area. It sports a D shape to be able to more effectively reach the dust in the corners and along the walls. However, users have experienced malfunctions and connection problems.


In conclusion, which robot vacuum cleaner to choose? 

For a budget slightly higher than the first models of this selection, we recommend the Bagotte BG600 which is, in our opinion, the best quality/price ratio in terms of robot vacuum cleaners. It combines six modes of aspiration, with a power that can reach 1500 Pa. Thanks to the supplied accessories including a remote control, it is possible to control it from a distance.

Among the cheapest, we strongly recommend the Eufy RoboVac 11S robot   with a significant autonomy of 100 minutes (in standard mode). In BoostIQ mode, its range is reduced to 1 hour. You will have an efficient and programmable robot vacuum without necessarily having to hit your budget high.

At the top of the range, RoboRock S50 robot vacuum cleaner is the one we recommend the most. It offers many features. It has several suction powers, and its navigation system is designed to optimally cover the entire surface of your parts. It is programmable via an application on your smartphone.


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