The 5 [real] Best Pool Robot Cleaner – Test 2020

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The 5 Best Pool Robot Cleaner


If you have a swimming pool at home, knows the problem. The annoying removal of dirt at the bottom of the pool can be agonizing when the pool vacuum is not doing a decent job or there is no pool vacuum or pool robot.

The modern models today are a reliable helper when cleaning the pool and can greatly facilitate the work and care. Many pool owners have extensively tested different models and compared functionality, suction results and workmanship. In conjunction with the price and the material quality, the best pool vacuum cleaners were determined in 2019. Which of you is the best pool vacuum, you have to decide on your own needs and requirements, but you can be sure that you do not buy a model that does not live up to its promise.

1. Dolphin Moby Best Pool Robot Cleaner


1.Lower vacuum pool vacuum Dolphin MobyThe model of Dolphin was the second most expensive in the test but could justify the price with excellent results.

The device has a device that scrubbed, sucked and filtered the pelvic floor at the same time. The robot manages 10 meters per minute and lasts 2.5 hours.

The pumping capacity of the vacuum cleaner is 16m³ per hour so that even larger pools could be cleaned efficiently and powerfully. It was particularly positive that the pool vacuum cleaner could easily deal with bumps such as mounting rods, bottom folds or seams and reliably overrun them. It is also suitable for concrete floors and is therefore universally applicable, does its job independently and well and that at a still moderate price.

If you are looking for a pool vacuum robot that can reliably pass through uneven areas, you are well-advised to use the Dolphin model. Due to the chaotic route, which should lead to complete processing of the entire area over a longer period of time, it has become apparent in the test that larger pools here and there also remain unprocessed. Some testers found this less good. For owners of a smaller pool, however, this effect has virtually no effect, since the teat usually passes through all reachable sites several times. Also, a limit of feasibility is set by the 16 meter cable length.

Last but not least, the testers mentioned the easy accessibility of the filter for cleaning. As a result, the device is quick and easy to use again when the filter is full or dirty.

The test winner among the best pool suckers was able to convince in the test by the excellent cleaning results. The pros and cons of the model can be found in the following comparison.

  • The device works efficiently and powerful at the same time and the floor is both scrubbed and vacuumed, as well as filtered. Even bumps overcomes the sucker playfully, so that the overall cleaning is very thorough.

  • The vacuum robot works with a pumping capacity of 16m³ per hour, which is sufficient even for larger pools.

  • Despite the slightly higher price, the overall price-performance ratio is very good, because a fully automatic and good pool vacuum cleaner with comparable performance is generally much more expensive.

  • Since it runs fully automatically, you do not have to program anything or intervene manually. The entire cleaning process is automatic.

  • The device including filter is easy to clean, because all elements and components are easily accessible.

  • As already mentioned in the test report, the robot drives the ground chaotically. This is not a problem with small pools, but experience with the pool vacuum has shown that with larger basins, this can lead to individual parts remaining unedited.

2. Zodiac MX8 Best Pool Robot Cleaner


2.Zodiac MX8The MX8 by Zodiac is a classic hydraulic pool vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer recommends the use of a filter with at least 8m³ pumping power to achieve an optimal cleaning effect. Some testers noted, however, that with a stronger pump of more than 15m³, the suction power is noticeably better. Certainly this is the case, but for most standard applications, the pumping performance with the manufacturer’s specification proved sufficient.

As well as the 10 kilogram device, the scope of supply also includes hoses that usually work very well. Some testers have reported leaks in the context of long-term testing that have reduced pump performance. This led to a slight devaluation in the overall standings. Overall, the device works very reliable and good with a slightly weaker pump. It proved to be very effective even on gentle slopes or on tiles with deep joints. The cleaning result was always absolutely satisfactory and the processing of the device as a whole promises a long service life. It is suitable for pool sizes of a maximum of 12 x 6 meters.

The zodiac vacuum cleaner works hydraulically, ie without electricity. This results in advantages and disadvantages alike. Whether he comes into question for you, you can weigh well on the basis of the juxtaposition of strengths and weaknesses.

  • The vacuum cleaner works without electricity, so no follow-up costs arise. He is also fast and flexible to use.

  • The cleaning results are good overall, even on a gentle slope or on uneven ground.

  • The device is solid and durable, so you can use it over a long period of time.

  • Since the model itself has no engine, it is correspondingly cheaper than autonomous robots.

  • To achieve full suction power, you should have a pump with a capacity of at least 8m³, otherwise the desired benefit will be lost.

  • The hoses included in the delivery are sometimes not ideally processed, so it could come under certain circumstances to smaller cracks during prolonged use.

3. Intex floor cleaner Best Pool Robot Cleaner


3.Intex Floor Cleaner Car Pool CleanerThe cheap pool vacuum from Intex impresses with one thing in particular: An incredibly low price compared to the models of the competitors. The manufacturer recommends a filter pump capacity of at least 6,000 liters per hour to achieve a good cleaning result. When it is connected to the filter system, the teat automatically changes direction during operation and achieves quite good cleaning results in the test. However, the minimum specification of the filter pump performance is also very tight here. The device worked reliably and solidly, but the results differed significantly from those of expensive competitors.

Here was a lot of rework necessary, which the testers did not find very positive. One must not forget in this context, however, that it is a device, which sometimes only costs 10% of it, like an expensive automatic pool vacuum cleaner. Accordingly, the performance here is to be evaluated according to the cost-benefit factor, because in particular larger particles and dirt could remove the device well.

Therefore, it has made the pool suction despite weaknesses in suction and a partially slightly leaky hose in the list of the best pool suction, as it is simply a very cheap alternative to the sometimes very expensive competitors and so also those who only a limited amount available have a pool vacuum can easily afford.

The very affordable Intex model is a simple vacuum that connects to the pumping system. However, the very cheap price also has one or the other disadvantage, so you should carefully weigh the pros and cons before buying.

  • Handling is very easy and comfortable and commissioning is very easy.

  • The model of Intex is significantly cheaper compared to the competition, so that the overall price-performance ratio is good.

  • Intex states in the operating instructions that the pump should have a suction capacity of 6m³. In order to achieve good results this is usually not quite enough.

  • Compared to the much more expensive competition models, the cleaning performance is not quite as good.

  • The hoses included with the package are only moderately well-made, so they may tend to leak over time.

4. Dolphin Supreme M3 Best Pool Robot Cleaner


4. Dolphin Supreme M3The most expensive model in the test is the big brother of the test winner. It is again a bit more expensive, but also works with a suction rate of 17m³ per hour and can be used for pools up to 10 meters in size and cleans them reliably and well.

The Supreme A3 has a more modern touch program that significantly increases the cleaning performance. The great advantage offered by the teat is that it autonomously goes through its cleaning cycle for up to 3 hours and then the work is done without you having to shake it.

The test users also liked the cable attachment of the 18-meter-long cable very well. This is hinged so that there is no longer any twisting and knotting of the cable during use.

All in all, all the testers were impressed by both the functionality and the result of the vacuum robot. The cleaning of the filter was also easy. Only the very high price of the device – which can also be used in saltwater – makes it for a long time affordable for everyone. However, if you are ready to pay so much for a fully automated pool vacuum, you can buy the M3 without hesitation.

The autonomous device from Dolphin has a proud price, but also offers correspondingly high performance and good results. Whether the purchase pays off for you, you can weigh well on the basis of the comparison of strengths and weaknesses.

  • With an impressive output of 17m³ per hour, the device operates at a very high level.
  • The cleaning results are excellent on smooth and uneven floors, so that nothing remains to be desired.
  • Thanks to modern sensor technology, the vacuum cleaner works completely autonomously. You do not have to do anything yourself and do not do anything.
  • Overall, the workmanship is very solid and good and especially the very long and very well processed cable is commendable. As the only device in the test, it can also be used without any problems in saltwater.
  • The cleaning of the device itself and the filter are easily and comfortably possible.
  • The device has actually only one disadvantage – the very proud price. As a result, the robot certainly is not for everyone.

5. Maytronics E10 Best Pool Robot Cleaner


The E10 is a reliable and good pool vacuum cleaner with high performance and low weight. Thanks to the active brush system and two crawler belts, it works reliably and efficiently at the same time. Although it can not be used for the walls, the cleaning results on the bottom of the pool are always very good.

The model is ideally suited for pools with a maximum size of 8 x 4 meters, whereby it can cope with both round and oval or octagonal or rectangular pools. The cycle time is around two hours. The brush change is a bit more complicated than the one or the other model, the good workmanship in conjunction with good cleaning results, the price-performance ratio but the bottom line is very good.

The cable length is 12 meters and the operation is very easy. However, the device did not achieve such good results when cleaning attached algae or stubborn dirt. If necessary, it must be reworked manually. But if you are looking for an effective, robust and durable suction robot for the pool floor, you will find it here.

  • Since it is connected via the filter circuit, you do not need an additional power supply.
  • Since the model cleans so slowly anyway, it can also be operated with a pump power of 6m³.
  • The processing is not ideal, because over several years show strong signs of wear.
  • The nipple works very slowly, so it actually only delivers good results overnight.

If you have a pool, appreciate a pool vacuum. However, finding the best pool vacuum is quite laborious, because there are many different types of vacuum cleaners, and in addition to the price-performance ratio, criteria such as suction power, handling, and additional functions must be taken into account when making a purchase. This makes the research quite expensive. If this is too time-consuming, but you still want to make a good purchase decision, you can follow our buy recommendation, because we have already taken the research work. So we can highly recommend the Moby from Dolphin, as it achieves very good cleaning results thanks to its high pumping capacity, and it also shines with an automatic function and a good price structure at the same time. Alternatively, the MX8 by Zodiac Highly recommended, because he not only offers a very good price-performance ratio, but he works without electricity, delivers good results and is also solid processed.

Best Pool Robot Cleaner buying Guide


If you have a pool in the garden, you know how hard it is to keep it clean despite the filter system. A great help in cleaning the floor is a pool vacuum. Which model is ultimately the best pool vacuum for your pool, depends on the requirements and your budget. Therefore, before comparing prices and purchasing decisions, you should discuss the different types of pool robots so that you can compare features and features in relation to price. A good overview of the offer can be found in the top 5 list of the best pool vacuum cleaners in 2019.


1-dolphin-ground sucker


Types of pool suckers


Compared to the hand-operated pool vacuum cleaners, which are connected to the garden hose and work with water power, the tested pool robots work either hydraulically, that is, they are connected to the filtration system and do not require power, or fully automatic and must be connected separately to the power outlet.

The semi-automatic variant, which is operated via the skimmer or the filter system, does not have its own naturally aspirated engine. Therefore, you can only use these devices to clean smaller pools, as with increasing hose length the suction decreases considerably. Therefore, pay attention to the maximum hose length and the minimum requirements for the pumping capacity. Because if your pump is too weak, you may not even be able to use the semi-automatic pool vacuum properly. As a rule of thumb, the filter unit should have a minimum output of about 6m³ per hour. The recommendation, however, is to use a filter system with a capacity of at least 8m³ per hour, if the cleaning result should be neat.

If you have a large pool or want to clean the side walls, you can not avoid a fully automatic model. However, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. However, the results are much better and, with the help of the built-in fins, they also achieve a much higher efficiency. Fully automatic robots move in the pool according to a fixed pattern, while the semi-automatic vacuum cleaner uncontrolled in the pool and act according to the chaos principle.





As already mentioned, in semi-automatic models, the suction power largely depends on the performance of the filter system to which the device is connected. In order for the suction power to be fully utilized, the connection must fit exactly to the pump. It is also indispensable for a good result to buy a model with brushes on the bottom. These ensure that also coarser dirt particles can be sucked in well.

The hose should not exceed a certain length so that the suction is not too weak. Depending on the pump, a length of 10 meters should not be exceeded. In this context, make sure that the hose is flexible so that the vacuum cleaner does not tip over when vacuuming. This often happens with very inflexible hoses in conjunction with a lightweight sucker. The range of semi-automatic suckers is quite large, so a price comparison in any case worthwhile. However, always pay attention to the quality of the materials and the equipment of the model, and do not simply grab the cheapest model. A cheap pool vacuum that works semi-automatically should not be used to clean a very large pool. The result will never be as you imagined it was before you bought it.

When buying a fully automatic robot vacuum you should consider some criteria. Especially if you have an oval pool, you must make sure that the nipple can also clean it. Not all models are able to effectively clean curves. If you have smooth tiles in the pool you should also ensure that the tires have a good grip to maintain the cleaning performance. Simple plastic or hard rubber tires tend to spin, making it impossible to get ahead quickly as they can spin.

The scope of delivery should already include good brushes and it is also important that corresponding accessories can be reordered and easily replaced. With some no-name models you will have difficulty finding replacement parts later. If your budget permits, it is therefore advisable to buy a high-quality device right away, as it will eventually pay for itself through a longer service life and usability.



Additional functions and price levels


With a pool vacuum cleaner is often a tiresome subject. With good models, the filter can be removed and cleaned in one go without having to get dirty. With semi-automatic models, you do not have the problem because the dirt is routed directly into the filter system.

Overall, it is also worthwhile to take a look at the starting equipment, which is included with the device together. Depending on the model, accessories can be quite expensive. Therefore, you should take this into account when comparing prices.

If you want to buy a fully automatic pool vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the cable attachment! Here are some cheap models have their weakness. If the vacuum cleaner works autonomously for several hours, the cable should not cause any problems or cable clutter. Therefore, good equipment offers an integral hinge and top mounting, so the cable is always kept clean. Of course, you also have to pay attention to the cable length itself, so you can clean the entire pool, without restricting the teat by the length of the cable.

Priced are between semi-automatic entry-level models and very good fully automatic pool vacuum worlds. While you can already buy useful semi-automatic models for small pools for less than 100 euros, you will have to spend between 300 and 600 euros for a fully automated vacuum robot. For very large pools over 15 meters and quickly up to 1,000 euros are due. Therefore, the purchase should be well considered and always based on the conditions of the pool and your needs.

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