Best Perfumes for Women – Buying Guide, Classification and Tests in 2020

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Perfumes for Women – Buying Guide, Classification and Tests in 2019

The charm is an integral part of a woman’s life. The scented trail she leaves behind makes her more attractive. Of course, it is necessary to choose the product used with discernment so that the personal touch makes an effect on the general look. For example, you can purchase the Lady Million 202 791 with a fruity floral undertone. This assures you a good smell light, sweet and intoxicating. The Kenzo 018401 is a set of two vials of different sizes. You can then put the little model in your bag and fog your neck wherever you are.

Whether you want to buy a product for you or offer an original gift to a friend, the choice can be difficult given the number of references on the market. It is in this sense that we have developed this guide to help you find the best fragrance according to your personality.

Perfume woman cheap

1. Lady Million Best Perfumes for Women


Lady Million is designed to fit all these ladies. With a floral scent, it is suitable for businesswomen seeking elegance. It is also the ideal product for a touch of romance. And with the fruity aroma, it is in osmosis to those with a rebellious temperament such as teenage girls. The blend also ensures a soft tone that will satisfy those mature wanting to find a revitalizing scent.

The headnotes are based on neroli, raspberry and lemon costa. The fruity smell offers a frivolous fragrance that will bring you a second youth. The jasmine, the orange blossom of Africa and gardenia that make up the heart notes provide a tropical and refreshing touch. In addition, the patchouli background shade, white honey, and amber are the basis of a discreet and chic scent. The liquid is placed in a gold-colored box giving it an elegant appearance. It will adorn your jewelry case.

  • The fruity and floral blend with patchouli base notes and white honey guarantee a good scent that will enhance your charm.

  • The small golden bottle presents a modern and chic design that will decorate your makeup table.

  • This is a cheap item that will fill you in terms of scent. You can have it at a reduced price, compared to other references.

  • According to some consumer reviews, the smell of this specimen does not last long. This forces them to put several times in a day to stay scented.

2. Mauboussin Best Perfumes for Women

To know how to buy a woman perfume of a better quality-price ratio, one must know the notes used for its manufacture. You must also compare several specimens, which will help you better determine the good. It has a blackcurrant head, a heart in red rose and jasmine, and a wooden background of Oud. This mixture has a pleasant aroma that guarantees elegance. The fragrance also gives you a captivating impression. Its design will please the one who seeks to attract attention.

The sulfurous tone of this elixir is more important than sensuality. It will then make you irresistible, especially if you advocate love and enjoyment. In addition, the bottle displays an original design that provides a finishing touch to this article. This gives him an authentic appearance. It is also a criterion to take into account to find the best perfume woman.

  • This product emits a haunting smell, with a lot of mystery. It is then ideal for those ladies who seek to highlight their adventurous side, while not letting appear their shy nature.

  • The design chosen for the bottle of this model ensures a chic style. This will give you even more desire to use it.

  • This article is among the least expensive of this comparison. You will not have to spend a lot of money to get it.

  • If we take into account the claims of some consumers, the toughness of the smell is quite short. You will need to spray several times to make sure you smell good all day long.

3. KenzoBest Perfumes for Women


The Kenzo perfume woman is an article sold in set. You will find in the package two vials of different sizes. Thanks to this, you can leave the biggest one at home, to use it before leaving. The smaller one will be useful when you plan to walk for more than half a day. It will be possible for you to classify it in your bag and to release it discreetly when you are going to vaporize the neck or the clothes.

The total amount of 65 ml is an asset highlighted by the brand. Indeed, some companies offer vials of 30 ml, 40 ml or 50 ml. You will enjoy enough elixir to use it for a few weeks more than the average. When one wonders what is the best woman perfume on the market, one must take into account the practical aspect.

  • Being delivered as a set, this product has a small vial that you can carry with you wherever you go. You will have the opportunity to put back perfume when you feel that the fragrance on your skin is fading.

  • For those who are looking for an item that can be used several times over months, the Kenzo 018401 is to buy. This reference is in total 65 ml, 15 ml more than the average.

  • According to buyers, the vials used for this specimen have a fairly simple style. This creates doubts about the quality of the product.

4.Guerlain La Petite Robe Black Velvet Best Perfumes for Women


Designed with a fruity floral note, this elixir emits a haunting smell assuring you an olfactory elegance. It adapts to a retro style, but will go perfectly to women with a modern look.

It has top notes of bergamot, mandarin and sour cherry, a heart in pink, violet, almond, and a background of black tea, tonka bean and patchouli. Thanks to this mixture, it offers a subtle intoxicating scent. It corresponds especially to the seductrices who seek to be noticed, but in a discrete way. This reference will enhance your style, giving you a more chic look.

By going on a price comparison, you will find more information on this specimen, allowing you to ensure its value for money. You will also find by reading the comments that he is the most successful of his generation.

  • Thanks to this article, Guerlain can be classified as the best brand of perfumes woman. The durability of the fragrance of The Little Black Velvet Dress makes it even more interesting. Indeed, you do not have to put several times in a day.

  • The bottle designed in the classic style of the inverted heart has always pleased users. It offers an elegant appearance that marks the spirit.

  • Because of its reputation and quality, this item is among the most expensive on the market. This slows down some people, especially compared to the amount offered in the container.

5. Jean-Paul Gaultier Scandal Best Perfumes for Women


If you do not know where to buy the best woman perfume, Jean Paul Gaultier is a safe bet. It is a renowned brand with quality products recognized worldwide. Scandal is one of the most famous in its collection. It is a perfume water that can contain up to 14% of gasoline. It is therefore quite good in the wind, which prevents you from sprinkling more than once a day. You will then save the 30 ml offered, allowing you to use it for a long time.

Belonging to the olfactory and floral family, this specimen guarantees a romantic scent that adapts to women seeking sensuality. You will be able to put it during important events, like Valentine’s day or others. In addition, it comes in a cylindrical box where you can put the vial. This assures him a better security and a defense in case the bottle falls.

  • With a concentration of 14% gasoline, this reference will remain impregnated to your skin for a period of about 24 hours. This allows you to minimize the use in the day so as not to waste the elixir.

  • Being delivered in a cylinder, this item will be protected from direct shocks. The bottle containing the eau de parfum will not be exposed and will not break if it falls.

  • For the quantity offered, the price is quite high. Some users would have preferred it to be less expensive.

6. Yves Saint-Laurent Black Opium Best Perfumes for Women


It is not always easy to find where to buy a new woman fragrance because of the high number of manufacturers. At Yves Saint-Laurent, we can see a wide range of products that can meet everyone’s needs. For example, you can buy Black Opium, which is a cult elixir at the moment.

It belongs to the oriental and spicy family, making it ideal for young women. Its notes also stimulate the overflow of energy, sprinkled with a touch of charm. So you can put it on an evening with girlfriends or when you go to a head to head and want to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

It is also a perfume that can contain up to 14% liquor. Thanks to this, the content is longer and the scent more intense. You will not have to spray twice in the same day.

  • With its oriental and spicy tone, this product meets the needs of young ladies who seek to be noticed by men. It adapts to romantic moments and dynamic moments like the evenings in a box.

  • It is a eau de parfum offering up to 14% of gasoline. This allows him to offer a persistent aroma. As a result, you only have to spray once to smell good for about 24 hours.

  • According to consumers, the style of the flask should change over time because it has become too common and habitual.

7. Hermes Elixir of Wonders Best Perfumes for Women

Many still wonder what perfume woman to choose among the various selections proposed on the market. It is recommended to opt for an article that evokes your feelings, your desires, but especially your character. In the case of the Hermes Elixir des Merveilles, it is the discreet ladies preferring relaxation to agitation that adopt it. Indeed, it offers an amber woody fragrance that gives the impression of being in nature, even if you are in your office. This scent brings you back into the great outdoors to feel free.

The intensity of this elixir has a good sweetness, while being perceptible by those around you. The composition of Peru balm, vanilla sugar, amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli and some extra elements ensures an elegant aroma, without being invasive. In addition, you can put it at any time, whether to go to the office, a romantic dinner or other.

  • The olfactory character of this product encourages relaxation and is reminiscent of a large expanse of water, sky or forest. This will help you calm down to better handle the complicated moments.

  • The elements chosen for the manufacture of this perfume give it a discreet smell. It is ideal for those who do not want to be noticed, without going unnoticed.

  • According to some claims, care should be taken not to drop the vial as it breaks easily.

How to choose the Best Perfumes for Women?


Due to the fact that all the ladies are different, the scent that suits you will not necessarily correspond to another. If you want to buy a product for your girlfriend, you have to know how to choose the best perfumes woman of 2019. Every detail counts when you go to get some. These tips will help you determine the ideal reference to give as a gift to your beloved.

Purchase guide


By age

You should know that a woman’s tastes change according to her degree of maturity. With age, all preferences evolve to go from one extreme to another. The choice will be made by ten years, because each decade it enters a new phase, which makes its charm and its beauty.

It is from the twenties that the tastes of a woman begin to assert themselves. Of course, we must not forget that a young adult has not yet completely left the stage of carelessness. The perfume that would suit him must then offer this connotation while taking precedence over sensuality. A floral essence will not fail to please this young lady.

The desire to seduce begins to intensify around 30 years. You will need to emphasize a touch of well-being, combined with a bit of mystery to enhance the appeal. So opt for an amber-type reference that reflects daring and intoxication.

The midlife crisis greatly affects the mood of a woman as well as that of the man. We must therefore think of offering him a fragrance that follows his temperament. Some become more aggressive, while others favor softness.

At age 50, she reaches a certain level of life experience and especially professional stability. Also, the choice of perfume requires a good knowledge of the woman, because her preferences are more pronounced. Insist then on an atypical product which puts forward the elegance. Of course, this must be accompanied by a touch of seduction.

As you approach retirement, opt for a classic article. Think of those fragrances that are considered old-fashioned by young people of the moment. You will see that this 60-year-old woman to whom you are going to offer her will particularly appreciate this gift.

From the age of 70, it is necessary to insist on perfumes that combine sweetness and charm at the same time. As a grandmother, she will spend time with her grandchildren. Choose a product that will mark the memories without opting for aggression.


Depending on the personality

When choosing a perfume for a woman, one must take into account her character. Opt for the scent that goes in osmosis with his temperament. This can be difficult because you will have to know his true personality first and foremost. It can indeed hide a lot of sweetness and love in its rough and strict aspect or the opposite.

If she has that feeling of romance in her eyes, you must think of a floral aromatic note, such as rose or lilac. The delicacy of these scents brings back to a beautiful garden or a bouquet given on Valentine’s Day. By offering this type of fragrance, you will show him that you are caring, which will make his heart capsize.

The hesperidées themselves adapt more to a woman full of energy. His dynamism will be pleasant with a sparkling tone. The aroma of citrus essences brings a touch of vitality. The entourage will feel then boosted by your presence, thus ensuring gaiety in the office, as an example.

If this lady is nearing her thirties, she will especially highlight her seductive side. It is therefore necessary to choose a product that adapts to this haunting personality. Amber, as well as oriental with a vanilla or cinnamon scent are sure to please him. The note used inspires the discovery, which attracts attention, making it more irresistible.

The mysterious is the lady who leaves a little cold, while bringing just enough heat to sustain the desire to know. The desired aroma for this type of woman tends to chypre, such as the essence of oak moss or bergamot. The perfume combines both softness to calm the atmosphere and aggressiveness to nourish the desire.

According to the ingredient

Each individual has varied tastes. The ingredients of perfumes differ depending on the product, so you must know the woman to determine what she prefers. Certainly, there are fragrances supposed to go to a certain age or characters, however, the basic component will have to depend on the desires of the person who will receive the gift.

The majority of ladies like the smell of rose, which is why it is the most common item. So you can smell it in many fragrances of different brands for its romantic and sweet touch.

Vanilla is also one of the most popular additions since the dawn of the fragrance. She brings a strong seductive tone that makes women more attractive. This scent quickly catches the attention of people around. You will have no trouble approaching people, because this smell will already be the first step for you.

If you want to offer a simply refined style, cedar or sandalwood will meet your needs. These fit mostly business women, who want both a professional and sexy look. A zest of jasmine or oakmoss will feminize the mixture.

And if you opt for discretion, mint and basil are to be prioritized. They have a masculine side that will help you to blend in if you do not want to wave in a workplace full of men for example. You will not emit any odor that will particularly catch the attention of the opposite sex, allowing you to grow freely in your bubble.

You can also go to a shopping guide for the best perfumes for women to more easily determine the product that suits you best.




How to use a woman’s perfume?


Choosing the right fragrance is mostly about everyone’s taste. You have to rely on your sense of smell to find the one that will suit you the most. As for the use, it is not a question of putting it everywhere on the body. You must know how to use it to bring out the charm.

Perfume woman who keeps a long time

When you put perfume, it is rare that the smell takes several hours. You will not feel it after a few hours. To change that, you can start by using a well-concentrated product. Some are made to last a long time, while others must spray several times in the day. In the second case, you have to be clever. Coat it behind the ear down on the neck, but also on the wrists. These are key places that will make you feel good for several hours. Others will feel your fragrance when you kiss them or kiss them.

If you think this is not enough, do not hesitate to spray on your clothes. Unlike the skin, the fabric maintains the odor better. You will feel good all day, or even until the next day.

In addition, you can also put in the hair, because they retain the perfume perfectly. Of course, it is necessary to sprinkle a little on the locks only by avoiding to touch the scalp.


Women’s perfume that appeals to men

To please a man, it is not a question of pouring the whole bottle of perfume to smell good. To put too much would be to stifle the charm it is supposed to bring. You will have a nauseating odor that will hinder more than it will attract attention. Avoid using it to excess so as not to repel the male.

Indeed, subtlety is an art that is exploited. Remember to spray just enough to leave a delicate trail behind when you pass. This will give a mysterious and sweet tone at a time. By doing so, you will fuel the desire of the man. Remember that the charm is not based on the intensity of the product, but on its effectiveness. Remember then that too much perfume kills the perfume. Of course, do not be too stingy and do not put enough so-called because the vial is expensive.

Make a perfume

For even more style, it is recommended to make your own fragrance. Some steps will allow you to make yours and have a unique scent. To start, remember that a fragrance has three identifiable notes that make it unique.

We therefore distinguish the head that characterizes the product. This is what you feel first when it is broadcast. Then there is the heart that is made from flower essence. In general, people use tropical plants, such as ylang-ylang or jasmine for this component. And finally, we have the bottom note that serves as a stabilizer. It usually comes from resins, roots, but also barks. We can use incense, cloves or cinnamon.




Frequently asked Questions


Q1: Eau de toilette or eau de parfum?

This is one of the most common questions for buyers. How to know which one is best for you? Everything depends on your preferences regarding the dosage. Indeed, the eau de toilette has a less concentrated solution than the eau de parfum.

The intensity influences the tenacity, but also the accentuation of the scent. The first will remain on your skin for a few hours, while the second can last 24 hours. Water and alcohol evaporate once out of the bottle, leaving only the essence, hence the smell more or less strong. The lightness of the eau de toilette makes it ideal for everyday use, and the second is the solution for a special event that lasts a whole day.


Q2: Perfume 33ml true or false?

The controversy of the perfume 33 ml travels the canvas. Many people know their existence and others do not even know what it is. Nobody knows exactly if it is an article adapted by the mark or not.

In addition, some individuals think of samples that are not for sale. Of course, the size above 30 ml (official aspects) leaves some skeptics. But overall, consumers are wondering if this is not a product designed for salespeople and sellers only. However, this does not prevent some stores from offering these models, especially if they have a lot of stock.


Q3: Why Original perfume is cheaper?

Original perfume is distinguished by the reduced price of its variations. Many people wonder then why one finds there the cheapest article and if the quality is reliable.

Regarding the capacity, it should be known that this brand has received almost no negative comments. Indeed, the opinions left by the consumers confirm the good invoice of the references proposed by Parfum Origine.

As for the price, the reason is simple. It is a French brand, whose physical stores are based in Corsica. No order abroad will be made for its bottles. As a result, they do not pass through several hands before arriving in those of the user. Obviously, this greatly affects the rate charged.


Q4: Gris Montaigne perfume man or woman?

Given its smell, this fragrance leaves many people perplexed as to the target consumers. Indeed, this elixir is for women, but also for men. In ignorance, we rely mostly on our own tastes. And the scent of Gris Montaigne attracts both ladies and gentlemen.

However, the heart notes used come from different flowers like rose or ylang-ylang. As a result, it is a product dedicated to these ladies. On the other hand, by being subtle as for the spraying, it can be confused with a fragrance for man. It is then necessary to highlight your tastes to adopt without feeling embarrassed.


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