Best Metal Detectors – Buying Guide, Grading and Testing in 2020

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Best Metal Detectors – Buying Guide, Grading and Testing in 2020


The metal detector is the new option to get reliable results in the search for gold, the extraction of antiques and treasures underground and even underwater. Designed with impressive specifications, it overcomes all extreme conditions such as salt water, mineral lands and rocks. With its very sensitive search capability, it can detect both small and large pieces of gold. Among our selection, Garrett Atx is an inductive impulse metal detector, ideal for finding all kinds of metals hidden under water and whose handling is relatively comfortable. Derived from the same brand, the GARRETT ACE 400i is as simple in its handling as effective in its functions.

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You decided to invest in a metal detector, but you hesitate on the product to acquire? This next comparison is intended to provide some answers and guide you to the most powerful, or the cheapest models, according to your needs.


Gold metal detector

#1 Garrett ATX Best Metal Detectors

Said best brand of metal detectors offers a high-end model and whose characteristics are relatively complete. Starting with its great precision, demonstrated by its discrimination on 25 points and its ability to remain functional on all types of soils that are more or less mineralized. Better yet, this model is waterproof and can work under 3 meters deep in fresh water.

It is accompanied by a storage bag which in addition to having a beautiful design, is also very flexible. His bag will allow you to carry the two and a half pounds of the metal detector everywhere and with ease. And for more convenience, you can have the length of rod you want to reach all surfaces even the most difficult to access. This length can also vary from 51 cm to 1.72 m.

Two types of chargers allow a free recharging of the battery of the device, including one for the daily use on sector and another for a loading in the car. Powerful, it holds a frequency of 730 beats per second and a DD disk to detect the smallest elements. Not to mention the fact that it is equipped with an electronic pinpoint to allow a more targeted search.

  • Sensitivity ed: The DD disk existence of 25 * 30 cm facilitates the discovery of elements of all sizes, from smaller units to larger.

  • Sound : The use of this gold metal detector no longer requires a headset, because it has a speaker that allows projection of sounds externally.

  • Autonomy: Only downside, the autonomy of 6 hours offered by this product would not have satisfied all users who have the time to compare it with other models.

#2 Zxh 4000- Best Metal Detectors

Made of metal and sealed in resistant black plastic, it is a design and performance device at a time. No matter what kind of terrain you face, it’s a perfect metal detector to find all the different metal objects, whether made of gold or silver. The sensitivity of this device can be adjusted easily thanks to the level control and the difficulty of your research.

Even if it is the first time that you will use a metal detector, you will have no difficulty, because it was conceived to offer you a maximum of comfort of use. It sends a sound signal in addition to an alert on the LCD display when a metal has been detected. Its handling and its use have been facilitated to the maximum. Light, it can be transported everywhere with simple gestures, even if the absence of transport bag is felt a little in these situations.

  • Lightweight : It is lighter compared to other models, without neglecting the manufacturing material that is the metal. Its weight less than two kilos is a great asset of the product.

  • Easy to use : The simplicity of its use is an interesting parameter, which does not exclude beginners in the field.

  • Carry bag : This model is not accompanied by a bag, but it does not hamper it, since it is lightweight.

Garrett Metal Detector

#3 GARRETT ACE 400i Best Metal Detectors

This Garrett model stands out first of all by the presence of a pinpoint option that facilitates the more precise localization of metals. Among other things, an LCD screen allows you to view all possible settings. It offers five different modes depending on the types of metals you want to search including the Zero-disc, the Jewerly, the specific jewel, the custom and the corner. With these modes, you will be more free to choose the ones that the device must detect and avoid the loss of time. In all cases, there is also a NOTCH function to avoid false signals.

Very efficient, the model has been designed with a conductivity reader whose role is to identify the nature of the detected object before the user begins to dig. The multi-tone analysis will then evaluate the depth of the object. In addition to the device, you will have on delivery, a disc cover of 18 * 26 cm, an audio headset and a protective cover. A user manual is also provided to guide you on first use. Even if the cane is not adjustable in height, we find on the positioning of the hand clamping rings for a more practical use. Not to mention the fact that the IRON AUDIO can be activated and deactivated with a knob.

  • Complete : This GARRETT metal detector is very rich in features: between its LCD screen, its 5 modes, its NOTCH function or its conductivity reader.

  • Accessories : Various useful accessories for protection and for use are offered with the device, at no additional cost.

  • Accurate : Thanks to its various modes, this model wants to be relatively precise in its detection. It can even display the depth of an object using its LCD screen.

  • Not waterproof : Only one option is missing: sealing.

#4 GARRETT ACE 250 Best Metal Detectors

Garrett proves again through this model the irrefutable quality of its products. Whether for iron metals or not, this GARRETT ACE 250 metal detector is able to tell you the right depth. It offers pretty much the same features as the ACE 400i, with a few differences Five modes are also available to help you find the right metals. A pinpoint allows a meticulous search to recognize more exactly where to dig.

In addition, a disk guard and foldable wired headset are delivered with the device to ensure its full security. With an LCD screen, you could more easily access the settings and know the status of the detector in a timely manner. Also, the sounds vary according to the type of metals in order to diversify them more simply. And to avoid having to pay a single dime in case of failure, a two-year warranty on the device is offered, all with a one-year warranty on the disc.

  • Weight : This is a light enough to carry, which is nice considering that it is mostly used outside the home.

  • Practical : Its multi-tone tone and LCD display can accurately identify the detected object.

  • Cane length : The size of the cane is not adjustable, which takes away fewer points for use on fairly complicated terrain.

Professional metal detector

#5 GARRETT AT PRO Best Metal Detectors


As its name suggests, this professional metal detector is intended to be more powerful than normal thanks to its very high frequency up to 15 kHz. It will appeal to the most erudite insofar as it offers various preset modes that allow to freely choose the metals that you want to detect and this, regardless of their size. Versatile, it is not only usable for research on the mainland. Indeed, it is able to serve you in a shallow water such as rivers, lakes or ponds thanks to its tightness of up to 3 meters.

Among its settings, know that it is possible to select between a standard detection and a PRO detection. It is also equipped with a NOTCH and Pinpoint function to discriminate certain types of objects or to target a particular zone. As a bonus, a foldable headset is offered with the detector, which comes in a black color and blends very well with all the equipment. In addition to what has already been stated, a disk guard is also offered to keep the disc as long as possible in its original state.

  • Professional : With its frequency of 15 kHz, this model can detect all sizes of objects, even the smallest. All under a great precision.

  • Setting possibilities : The NOTCH function saves time by discriminating certain types of materials while the Pinpoint allows you to target the search on a particular corner.

  • Weight : Its weight of 1.5 kg can be a brake for some buyers.

#6 ZXH H-205i Best Metal Detectors

Weighing only a kilogram, it is the lightest model among this selection, which facilitates its handling and transport. Whether for ordinary or more professional use, the effectiveness of this metal detector is a major asset that makes it all the more versatile. Since the device is automatic in its entirety, there are no modes to choose from. But that does not handicap so far, since its frequency is very interesting. But his greatest asset lies in his ability to stay under water at a depth of 65 meters.

In addition, this unit has an LCD screen for better access to useful information. This is also done to allow controlling it with simple gestures. Enclosed in a sealed compartment, you have no worries about the safety of the batteries. As you can see, even if you flip your device in all directions, the batteries will not move a hair.

  • Screen : The LCD screen provides information on the status of the device, while giving you the opportunity to control it with ease.

  • Waterproof: This model is able to work even at a depth of 65 meters. A characteristic still rare among the competition.

  • Lack of options: It would have been more practical to be able to choose between different modes and in particular, to have the hand on the type of metal to detect.

Deus Metal Detector

#7 ZXH Pro-Tech Best Metal Detectors

For this model, you will have free quarters as to the sensitivity level of the device, which is ideal if you have some idea of ​​the size of what you are looking for. Whatever type of metals you are targeting (gold or silver), it can only be more profitable. You will understand, it is very suitable for fans who use this kind of device for the first time. It will be said that it is easier to use, with very simple access controls.

Moreover, in addition to the LCD display that warns you in real time, you will also be warned by sound signals when you are in contact with metals. And when the sound signal is different, it indicates that you have a very oxidized metal there. It was made with metal, ornamented with small black keys on the handle. Be aware that the use of this detector is possible on all types of terrain.

  • Sensitivity : You will be pleased to choose the sensitivity level according to the type and size of the elements you want to detect.

  • Easy to use : The use has been simplified to better suit fans who experience this type of device for the first time.

  • Signals : In addition to the audible signal, the display will warn you in good time of the detection of metals.

  • Price : This model is quite expensive in the eyes of some buyers.


How to choose a good metal detector?


Certainly, establishing a price comparison will tell you the model that fits your budget and will help you find some models at a cheap price. However, some important considerations can also affect your decision-making process. Hence the need for this next buying guide whose purpose is to give you advice on where to buy a new metal detector.

Purchase guide



Considering the calibration function will clear the way for you on how to choose the best metal detectors from 2019. What is it? This function is used to detect the different metallic materials and to save you any interference of the signal. During your search, a frustrating time and a considerable loss of time, inappropriate interference in the ground may mislead you. An important calibration force will capture the materials you want to find and ignore other minerals in the soil.


The coil

Another factor to study to locate you on where to buy the best metal detector is the coil. This is a flat sphere that is placed on the end of the detector and is maintained above the ground. From simple to more sophisticated styles, the reels are presented in different patterns. Double D coils have an excellent coverage range, but are not good enough to detect deep metals. Unlike concentric coils, they better detect well-buried objects. Moreover, in an environment filled with grass and bushes, spider reels will be a great help for your research.


The depth indicator

If you do not know how deep you will have to dig to extract the object from the ground, you will have to make a point of honor on the depth indicator. A very practical feature that will help you no longer question which metal detector to choose. When the beep sounds, many adventurers rush to dig the ground without even knowing the proper depth. The depth indicator, along with an LCD screen, shows you a wide range of one to twelve inches. It is responsible for displaying the depth of the ground and will save you more time and energy.



With the different metals buried in the ground, you will not locate the object that interests you by neglecting to examine discrimination in a buying guide for the best metal detectors. It specifies the types of metals you want to find. Although most models have this feature, the options for discrimination vary widely. You should know that you can have various magnetic responses depending on the type of metals to find. This feature, also called NOTCH, will help you discern the good from the bad so that you do not come face to face with non-interesting metal scraps.


Pinpoint mode

To locate the object of your choice with greater precision, determine the best metal detector by going through a pinpoint mode study. Although all metal detectors have the main function of giving a rough idea of ​​the location of an object, some models go as far as to tell you their exact location. In an efficient way, the pinpoint mode (via a sensor placed in the center of the coil) considerably delimits your area of ​​excavation. As soon as the device alerts you to the presence of an object nearby, the button corresponding to the pinpoint mode locates the object in question with more exactness.

Sensitivity sensor

Still wondering how to buy a better value metal detector? Also, pay attention to the sensitivity sensor. At a high level, the sensitivity locates smaller objects faster while at a lower level, it will help you find larger objects. As you can see, the sensitivity sensor is used to find objects of different sizes. More practical, it is also responsible for finding objects buried at different depths (from the ground or deep). Although all metal detectors have an adjustable sensitivity sensor, its range varies from one detector to another.




frequently asked Questions


Q1: How to use a metal detector?

After looking how much a metal detector costs, now is the time to use it! The practice, like the use of any other device, is the key element. For starters, of course, you need to turn on the device by ensuring that the batteries or batteries that power it are in the right place to allow it to work. If reloaded well, with lateral movement, you will need to scan the device close enough to the ground and at the same time, not too close to avoid damaging the spool. When a beep sounds, locate where the signal is coming from and dig a hole in the corresponding area. Ideally, treat by small hole to keep a decent and clean environment. Only in this way can you learn how to find a treasure with a metal detector.

However, always take precautions, because burglars or thieves can also use this kind of device to locate the location of jewelry. That is why it is always advisable to learn about how to foil a metal detector.


Q2: How to adjust your metal detector?

When you start using your unit, the setting may seem quite complicated, which will no longer be a barrier once you are familiar with the unit. If you opt for the “all metals” mode, you will detect all the objects around you. Discrimination, a feature for locating a specific object, will tell you the proper setting. The more land and other garbage that pollute your land, the more discrimination you will have to deal with.


Q3: Where to search with a metal detector?

A place that does not fail to attract the adventurers is the beach. Rich in objects, this one presents a vast selection of articles especially when a storm has just hit it. The latter leaves behind a multitude of objects that make the latter, an ideal search site. In addition, you will be surprised to find tons of interesting objects buried under your garden. The adventure will be even more fun if the garden in question is already quite old and has gone through several asperities. However, this does not stop you from searching places such as trails, fields, wooded areas, or abandoned cities.



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