Best Hairdryers – (real) Buying Guide, Grading and Testing in 2020

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Best Hairdryer – Buying Guide, Grading and Testing in 2019


A hairdryer remains a true ally of essential beauty. After shampooing, professionals recommend starting gently removing water from your head with a towel before finishing with this device. With this type of device, you do not risk damaging your hair knowing that moisture weakens its protection. In the lines that follow, we will list some practical and effective prototypes like the Dyson SuperSonic known for its lightness and maneuverability. On the other hand, we also have the Remington AC9096 with greater power for an almost professional result without moving from home.

1. Dyson SuperSonic Best Hairdryer


Some buyers will think that this model is the best brand of a hairdryer to have in his closet. With energy reaching 1600 W, this toy sends 41 liters of air per second on your hair to obtain an optimal result. Its negative ion principle helps reduce static electricity.

Engineers at the Dyson plant integrate 4 precise heat settings ranging from 28 ° C to 100 ° C, three-speed levels and a thermal sensor to best meet customer expectations. These various parameters can only seem beneficial to the user.

Convenience side, the length of the wire of 2.7 meters is a real asset. No need to stop near a hold during styling. And for the maniacs of cleanliness, do not panic. A twist of the wrist is sufficient to release and unclog the filter. Especially since the auxiliaries will stay in the nice box.

  • The different speed and temperature adjustment possibilities give rise to an accelerated drying mode.

  • Complementary parts accompany the main product. Thanks to the Heat Shield technology, the exterior of the accessories stays cold even during a long blow-dry.

  • Compared to others, this specimen brings out an innovative aestheticism. This feature allows the device to become easily manageable for the enjoyment of users.

  • Certainly, this article is not the cheapest on the market, but pay a little more to have advanced equipment remains a good long-term investment.

2. Remington AC9096 Best Hairdryer

With this model from Remington, the problem of knowing where to buy the best hair dryer seems set. Here we find a 2400 W motor for a long life and results comparable to those of an experienced hairdresser. Indeed, the opportunity to enjoy an elegant blow-dry at home will become immediately achievable.

In order to meet the requirements of the most impatient, the airflow of 140 km / h and the silk protein ceramic coating accelerate the process without damaging your hair. And we do not forget the key “turbo” generating a surplus of 10% air. All of these features make this product have effective attributes.

To polish all the outfit before going out, nothing like a hairstyle beautifully executed. To do this, tips are delivered in addition to the equipment. You will find in the same package a 7 mm concentrator with a diffuser that will provide additional volume and volume.

  • Associated with the ceramic ring, the motor releases an energy of more than 2 kW allows the device to be competitive compared to the standard models.

  • The unwanted loops will be rare with the ion generator emitting particles in addition. This process provides an impeccable smoothing and a pleasantly silky rendering.

  • The more we have, the better. A beauty in peace thanks to the two complementary tools present in the kit to sublimate your hairstyle.

  • Although the equipment has many advantages, most of the women are sorry that it is heavy to wear.

3. GHD Air Premium Box Best Hairdryer

Taking care of the hair is always a delicate matter especially when going out of the bath or shower. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to know exactly which hair dryer to choose. The GHD range offers a small, elegant box with a 2100 W device.

The selection of several people may turn to this specimen, because it seems just enough provided, incidentally speaking. No less than five auxiliaries (two wick separators, a round brush, a diffuser …) attached to benefit from the same benefits as when you leave a high-end beauty salon.

Anxious to deliver the best hair dryer, the manufacturer has equipped the prototype with exclusive technology-based onions for more shine and lightness when touching. Not to mention the adjustable heat intensity on three levels. Finally, the “cold air” option will fix your hairstyle for lasting durability.

  • In this beautiful box, there is all the necessary material likely to appeal to fashionistas such as the diffuser GHD air, a must for perfectly designed loops.

  • Although we look for the most powerful prototype, we also want to have the most practical. And with this model, ambidextrous people will not feel left out.

  • Many times, users complain about having to stand in the same place. However, this copy has an extralong electric wire of 3 meters. A real asset!

  • Like any electrical device, the set does not remain unalterable in case of fall on a hard floor or a thin carpet.


How to choose a good Best Hairdryer?


The evolution of the needs of the customers has made that today we find in commerce a multitude of models of hairdryer as well for the professionals as for the private individuals. In all cases, manufacturers are constantly innovating to meet all expectations. That is why before embarking on such an acquisition, to look at some characteristics becomes essential to regret nothing thereafter.

Best Hairdryers

Purchase guide



It seems clear that following a buying guide for the best hairdryers can only benefit you in the sense that such hairdressing equipment should not be chosen at random, but according to various criteria including the hair type, your habits, the frequency of use.

In these terms, a specimen with a professional AC motor is a real guarantee of long-term durability. Indeed, its viability is extended by five times more than a conventional model. Ideal for long hair and thick, it can be used every day without the risk of damaging it. However, if you decide to get one, do not forget to consult a price comparator to know all the alternatives.

In addition, nowadays specimens with ionic technology are gaining more and more ground. And this is understandable given the final rendering: flexibility, shine, smoothing and protection of the hair fibers. All this without having to carry care requiring extra expenses.

The method involves diffusing negative ions and capturing moisture during the drying period in order to eliminate static electricity and overcome annoying frizz. You’ll guess on the go why many can not do without it. Holding one while on the road is made possible by a cordless, cordless, lithium-powered hairdryer with a USB plug.


The power

Although some do not immediately guess all the elements to consider on how to choose the best hair dryers of 2019, power is among the criteria that come to mind first. In this regard, turning to the device with the highest energy is not the goal. It all depends on the necessities of your hair and how many times a week you plan to use the device.

People wishing to keep beautiful ripples should not abuse it to not break the curls. The performance of such a hairdressing device ranges from 1200 to 2400 watts. However, it should be noted that some brands develop prototypes with adjustable power. You will find for example among the high-end references.

In short, if you want a result that requires as little waiting as possible, then choosing a powerful engine is a bold decision. On the other hand, if you like to take your time and make daily use, a specimen of 1500 or 1600 watts will do otherwise otherwise you risk attacking your hair or even burn them by overheating. The essential thing is not to expose them too indefinitely to an excessively high temperature. However, to create volume and movement, a 1700 watt will do the job. Professionals do not usually use less than 2000 watts.


The different options

Before you rush to where to buy a new hairdryer, linger on the proposed features. This concerns the different levels of heat and the strength of the breath. They condition the qualitative result of drying. Basically, it is important to check for the existence of a temperature controller. At a minimum, you need two modes: hot and cold (this also applies to wireless travel models). But depending on the copy selected, the choice will be up to six warming and speed settings.

All this with the intention to better adapt the outgoing airflow to the various types of hair. Even if manipulating such a device seems harmless and simple, remember that there are actions to proscribe and parameters to respect. The advice is always good to take.

Added to that, you may come across the turbo function and cold air touch. The first button speeds up the process for a time saving that one can only appreciate. Especially when the alarm or wake up delays or for unexpected programs in the evening to ensure a beautiful last-minute beauty.

Regarding the switch “cool air”, it is best known for preserving the hair, prevent it from falling and keep the volume in the optics of a long hairstyle. Those desiring a homogeneous rendering, to embark on the purchase of a product in the ceramic coating is an ideal choice.

Best Hairdryers

The accessories

Various are the little helpers that can accompany the hair dryer. They guarantee a comfortable and efficient use of the device. But in general, the inevitable, never far, remain the diffuser and the concentrator. The first as its name suggests spreads the heat in the optics to keep the curls intact and a natural ripple. You will gain in volume and the styling that will follow will be without clinging. This tip is also suitable for damaged hair.

Next to it, the second serves to simplify blow-dryings. Nevertheless, it comes in various sizes. The narrower the opening, the faster the flow of air and the smoothness to be achieved will be easy. Without failing to emphasize that this will bring precision to the formatting.

Apart from the nozzles mentioned above, there are other supplies capable of offering additional convenience. Among other things, the presence of a comb for styling or a round brush of the same brand is a small surprise appreciated by most women. This is also a good marketing point for the seller. And icing on the cake, a transport pouch to pack everything. For those looking for a totally practical product, do not forget to inspect if the suspension ring for the wall bracket is well-positioned. Usually, it is used to hang the device still hot in a corner of your bathroom.




How to make optimal the result of the use of a hairdryer?


It is always difficult to use this type of device. The best seems to acquire a professional specimen proposing different speeds and temperatures with the function “cool air” to avoid damage to the hair. In response to the expectations of a picky customer, manufacturers are now developing systems combining ceramic coating and ion technology to overcome frizz. Here are some tips for getting the most out of it.

Pre-dry the hair before use

Wet hair remains fragile. That is why before exposing them to the dryer, it is strongly recommended to dab them with a towel, but without rubbing them. It is recommended that they be pressed into this fabric to remove excess water. For curly hair, the trick is to use a microfiber model or a t-shirt. In addition, the lengths must remain wet before going under the device.


Select the appropriate setting for your hair

It goes without saying that the degree of heating will vary according to each capillary type. Under the effect of temperature, the hair becomes dry and brittle. A reduced mode is suitable for the finest while an average temperature is sufficient for thicker. You will only need to avoid setting at the maximum level. People who want to remove the excess water quickly can simply increase the speed and not the thermostat.


Hold the device approximately 30 cm from your head

You must not stick the device directly on your head in order not to damage the hair fibers. This action prevents the appearance of frizz at the same time. The gesture to banish is to martyrise the locks. Holding the tip of the device down will cause the air to flatten the scales instead of pushing them upward.


Use a hairdryer that does not damage the hair

It is certain that using a dryer makes us save time especially when one has long hair. However, excess heat can weaken them especially if it is a daily ritual. It is advisable to work wick by wick so as not to smother them. It should be remembered that using a heat-protective spray or foam minimizes the percentage of aggression. Organize yourself to begin with the roots and then gradually descend to the tips. However, note that there is a hair dryer with diffuser for each brand particularly suitable for people with loops.

Use the cold air button

In general, models sold in commerce or online all appear to have this feature. Once the brushing is finished, press the “cold air” button while pointing the nozzle down. You have to start from the roots and go to the ends. This will tighten the scales of the hair and thus enjoy a result pleasantly soft, shiny and silky. That said, for extra glare, do not hesitate to apply argan oil or jojoba or even a little serum.




Frequently asked Questions


Q1: What is the use of a hairdryer that buckles?

It is ideal for perfect curls and beautiful ripples. The tip is wide and rounded, which helps to maintain the shape and flexibility of the latter. This design ensures a smooth and homogeneous distribution of heat.


Q2: How to dry hair without hairdryer?

First, using a conditioner slips water instead of absorbing it. Once out of the bath, shake your hair. This action allows the air to spread between the locks and to remove the excess moisture as quickly as possible. Afterwards, pat them with a microfiber towel. However, be careful not to rub too hard, as this damages the scales of the hair fibers. To speed up the process, the trick is to start with roots that are more difficult to unclog than spikes. It is also advisable to sit in the sun and even better if there is wind.


Q3: GHD or Parlux hairdryer?  

To get a little idea, the GHD brand offers an ion technology prototype with a professional 2100 W AC motor for ultra-fast drying. To acquire it, think of paying about 140 euros. Parlux sells a device with characteristics similar to just under one hundred euros.


Q4: Battery-powered hairdryer or battery?

The advantage of these specimens lies in their practicality. Indeed, no need to connect them to a socket. Nevertheless, we have a preference for battery models because they can recharge. On the other hand if you leave for a place devoid of electricity a reference to batteries would be ideal.


Q5: How to use the diffuser of a hairdryer?

In principle, the diffuser is used for drying and styling curly hair. Start by spinning gently. Attach the tip to the device by engaging a cold or warm temperature. For root volume, tilt your head down or to the side. Some use tongs to pick them up. Subsequently, place a handful of hair in the hollow of the circular tip while flexibility. For the roots, block the diffuser a few seconds on them so that they can dry.


Q6: How much does a Dyson hairdryer cost?

The official Dyson website displays a label slightly below 400 euros. However, you can find the same product on other e-commerce sites for less money.


Q7: How to smooth hair with a hairdryer?

Even if you handle a hairdryer, the speed and temperature must remain high. To get started, start coarsely drying your hair until it is 80% dehumidified. Then, divide your mane into several parts by helping you with fasteners. For the type of brush to use, choose according to the final effect you want to achieve. Take a 5 to 10 cm wick and keep it taut while blowing on it. Note that you need to point the hairdryer nozzle down during the process. Finally, finish with a flow of fresh air to fix the blow-dry.



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