The 6 Best Document Scanners (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

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Document Scanners – Buying Guide, Grading and Testing


Digitizing a document has become indispensable today because almost everything goes through digital. There are different models of document scanners on the market, but how to choose the right one? With the technologies used today, the gap between professional work and amateur work is greatly reduced. With document scanners, this is exactly the case. There was a time when only computer scientists and administrative professionals could manipulate this kind of device. Currently, everyone can do it, it is only about fifteen minutes at most to master perfectly such a scanner. Among the models we can recommend you, there is Fujitsu- ScanSnap iX500, an easy to use template that will allow you to scan with large size paper. Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi is a very fast model that will save you time.

The 6 Best Document Scanners (Reviews & Tests) of 2020


#1  Fujitsu iX500 Best Document Scanners

This is a black scanner that supports a very large paper size. Benefiting from a large scanning area of ​​216 x 360 mm, it has a RGB LED light source. Operating at a temperature between 5 ° C and 35 ° C, it unites with any cloud service. From any device, regardless of the type, you will have access to all your documents. Scanning can also be done live to Dropbox, Evernote, Salesforce, Google Docs and SugarSync.

This model is also very easy to use. A simple touch of a button is enough to start a search and create a PDF. Do not neglect the speed of the scanner that allows the scanning of files at a speed of 25 ppm. In addition, the document feeder function of about 50 sheets starts automatically.

Also note that the hardware adopts different types of technological elements that make it even more practical, namely the built-in GI microprocessor and the ScanSnap Cloud. The latter facilitates the transfer of physical documents live via your cloud. In order to boost productivity, you can manipulate the specific menus of the device. To use it well, nothing prevents you from downloading the nuance software that is accessible on the manufacturer’s website.

Wireless technology makes your life easier, knowing that it allows remote scanning to a computer, a Mac, and mobile devices running Android or iOS.

  • Efficiency : The unit can scan even a large paper size of 216 mm x 360 mm.

  • Convenient : It makes it easy for you to transfer scanned documents to Dropbox, Googledocs or others.

  • Easy to use : It has a special button that the user presses to start a search and a PDF creation.

  • Fast : This quality is due to the high speed of 25 ppm.

  • Wireless use : You do not need to bring your computer or Mac, because wireless technology will do just fine.

  • Limited Compatibility : The ScanSnap driver can not be used with ISIS and TWAIN protocols.


This scanner model will allow you to scan documents in A4 format. It can operate autonomously thanks to its rechargeable battery. Wi-Fi technology will make you fully enjoy the benefits of remote use. It is thus possible to carry it everywhere for a use in any mobility. You do not have to bring your computer. Various elements are also at the rendezvous on this material, to mention only memory and applications for Mac, iPad, iPhone and PC.

Speed ​​is also a plus for this model. Indeed, it is enough for the user to add the paper in a simple gesture and the scanning in color will be done after only 8 seconds, and that, up to 600 dpi. Better still, with this material, get ready to scan up to 400 pages in a single charge. Its storage capacity can reach 4,000 pages. It is therefore unnecessary to perform frequent synchronization.

As for its size, it is far from cumbersome. This Doxie scanner can even fit into a bag or drawer once scanning is complete. With Mac and PC applications, you’ll have the opportunity to synchronize scanning with your desktop. Thus, you will be free to support the organization and creation of multipage PDFs that can be easily accessed with ABBYY OCR technology. The Doxie app for iOS makes it easy for you to share all your scans wherever you are.

  • Mobile Usage : The rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi technology allow mobile use of the device.

  • Fast : Scans are ready in just 8 seconds.

  • Easy to use : The user only has to insert the paper to carry out the color scanning.

  • Powerful : One charge is enough to scan up to 400 pages. This is also why this device is very fast.

  • Large storage capacity : The machine can store up to 4,000 pages. Synchronization is therefore necessary only very rarely.

  • Small size : The tool is not bulky, it can be easily carried anywhere.

  • Incomplete items : The unit is not supplied with its case.

#3 Epson Workforce Ds-520 BEST DOCUMENT SCANNERS

What is the best document scanner on the market? The answer is probably Epson Workforce Ds-520 which is a model worthy of professional use. It allows the scanning of all your documents up to A3 format, which is largely sufficient for the majority of uses, even for professionals.

This Epson document scanner is notable primarily for its scanning speed. It allows you to scan documents up to a speed of 30 ppm or 60 ipm. With this, it will help you greatly in your work in large volume so that they are completed as quickly as possible. With this model, you can choose color scan or black and white.

The device comes with Epson software that will be very useful for managing scanning, converting files and sharing them between different users on the same network. It is also equipped with optical character recognition which will help to rename and classify scanned documents according to their contents.

This Epson Signed Product automatically detects the size of the documents you are scanning. Added to this is the automatic straightening or the improvement of the text in order to rectify the layout problems that might have occurred during their previous printing.

  • Fast: This professional document scanner is a convenient template for mass scanning of documents. It owes this especially to its speed which can reach 30 ppm or 60 ipm.

  • Useful software: This device is accompanied by very useful software for the digitization work. They make it possible to modify the files or to share them with other users of the same network. To classify them, the device automatically renames the scans according to their content.

  • Automatic enhancement: Epson is probably the best brand of document scanners on the market. This is seen through this model that can automatically improve the quality of digitized content.

  • High price: This model and probably the most powerful of our list. And it is also the most expensive.

#4 IrisCan Book 2 Executive BEST DOCUMENT SCANNERS

If you want to buy an ultra-convenient and easy-to-use document scanner, take this model from the Iris brand. This Bluetooth document scanner will accompany you on any occasion.

Indeed, this product is a fully portable model. Its use is done without the need to connect it to a computer. When you scan your documents, be it books, newspapers or office documents, the digital versions will simply be saved on the microSD card up to 32 GB as JPEG files.

The machine can scan at resolutions of 300 or 600 dpi. You will also have the choice between a scan in black and white or in color. After the process, the files can easily be transferred to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth. It is also possible to connect the device as a simple mass storage device to the USB port of a computer.

This scanner is accompanied by software for optical character recognition. The documents in the form of images can thus be modified in any word processing software. They can also be converted into compressed PDF files for archiving or easy sharing.

  • Bluetooth: This portable document scanner is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows him to easily transfer scanned documents without the need to connect with a cable. It can also transfer files to a tablet or smartphone and not necessarily to a computer.

  • Removable Storage: When scanning, this unit saves scans to a MicroSD card. The supported memory can be up to 32 GB and it is even possible to replace a full memory card with one that is empty in order to be able to digitize further.

  • Easy to connect: In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, this device can easily connect to a computer via a USB cable or any device that supports mass storage.

  • Speed: Users who have tested this model may have noticed its slow scan compared to more advanced non-portable models.

#5 Canon Pixma Lide 120 BEST DOCUMENT SCANNERS

In case you want to get a document scanner without having to break your piggy bank, the Canon Pixma Lide 120 could interest you. It will be a great help if you just want to use it at home and not for ultra-intensive use.

With this affordable document scanner, you can scan your documents up to a resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi. This will get a very clear, whether for your photos or your other documents. For A4 sizes, opt for speed by scanning a color document in just 16 seconds at 300 dpi. This scanner can capture your photos while maintaining excellent detail with a 48-bit color depth. You can then be sure to obtain digital versions of great fidelity in terms of colors.

Scanned documents can be saved either on the computer or directly to the cloud. With Auto Document and Photo Fix technologies, the camera detects images and text in your scanned documents. He will then treat them separately in order to have the best possible rendering.

This Canon document scanner is very convenient thanks to the automatic scanning function. This allows you to scan your document quickly with one click. Other than that, it does not need a special power supply, because a simple USB port is enough for that.

  • Convenient: This scanner can scan color documents in A4 size in 16 seconds. As a result, it is very handy for small home digitization jobs. Automatic scanning even makes it possible to scan a document in one click.

  • Image Detection: This camera automatically detects images and text in your documents. Thus, he can treat them separately for a better result.

  • Accessible: This model is cheaper than the majority of products in this ranking. This allows him to offer the best value for money.

  • Personal Use: This model is for personal rather than professional use. It will not really suit the many scans in the office.


Looking for a professional model, but you do not know which document scanner to choose? This HP is potentially the best document scanner on the market. If you want to get a real professional performance, it will certainly be very useful for all types of formats, or up to 21.6 x 30.9 cm.

It has an automatic document feeder and a flatbed scanner. If the first is very useful for scanning many documents, the second is very useful if you want to scan a book or a magazine. The device is very fast because it allows up to 40 scans per minute.

You can save your scan settings for reuse very quickly for next time. You can even share your settings with another device using the HP Scan software.

With this HP Document Scanner , you’ll get scanned versions of your documents with outstanding clarity. A multitude of software will also allow you to modify the text of your documents with optical character recognition. HP Scan software allows you to enhance your photos and images. In addition, the colors reproduced in the digital version are very close to those of the original version.

  • Fast: This professional scanner can scan at 40 frames per minute. This will be very important in high volume tasks.

  • Automatic document feeder: In addition to the indispensable flatbed scanner for books, this unit is equipped with an automatic document feeder for better performance.

  • Saving settings: You can save the scan settings for later use or even share them.

  • High price: Comparing the qualities of this model with those of other products shows that it is among the best and it is normal that it is quite expensive compared to others.

Purchase guide


Today, the use of a document scanner has flourished for both domestic and professional purposes. Indeed, this device is used to scan your papers optimally. On the market, you will be spoiled for selection. However, to find the model that meets all of your requirements, it is appropriate to retain certain criteria, including power, capacity and connectivity.



The power

By consulting this buying guide for the best document scanners, you are first asked to consider the power of the product of your choice. This first criterion is important because it will give you an insight into the efficiency of your device and pledge of its performance.

Generally, this feature affects the operating speed of your instrument. This is designated by the number of papers it scans per minute, especially under the symbol ppm. So, if you have several documents to scan, you have to think about adopting a model that works with great speed. This decreases the time you put in finishing your job. On the other hand, if you use your equipment only irregularly, and with a small amount of parts to be treated, a copy at a lower rate can be enough for you.

In the same vein, you should know that the pace of your equipment depends on the chosen resolution. According to the experts’ advice, a high resolution results in a much lower speed. Therefore, if you want to scan documents with a good resolution or in color, you will have to wait slightly more than for those in black and white.

From a more practical point of view, it is important to check the sound level of your device. A powerful device often emits more noise than the less powerful ones. To avoid falling on a model that disturbs your surroundings, choose one that combines efficiency and tranquility. Thus, with a silent copy, you can easily scan your sheets day and night, without bringing any nuisance.

On the other hand, you should also take a look at the power consumption of your scanner. If you want to save energy, you can opt for low consumption items. Those who walk with batteries are also a good option.


The capacity

Before you rush on a price comparator, it makes more sense to look at the capacity of your future scanning machine. By making this parameter one of your selection criteria, you will have a clear idea of ​​the level of practicality of your product.

The capacity is not the same for every model on the market. Regarding the capacity of the paper tray, some items can reach 500 sheets and others about fifty. In principle, you must match this feature with your needs and the intended use.

Thus, if you are forced to scan several pieces, it is more advantageous to rely on equipment with a large capacity bin. As a result, you can process as many documents as you want. On the other hand, if you rarely work, a low volume tray would be enough for you. In all cases, for more convenience, it is advisable to look to items that can receive different types of papers, namely A4, A3 or others.

On the other hand, this setting also affects the ability of your hardware to process papers on a daily basis. On the market, it is between 10 to 10,000 pages per day. In this context, if you work intensively, it is better to opt for copies that can scan a significant amount of sheets in 24 hours. They accompany the professionals and the possible losses of time will not be able to see anymore the day.

If you want more efficiency and speed, you can also meet prototypes that are able to treat both sides of a paper at once. After analyzing this setting, you are now able to know where to buy a new document scanner.




When looking for the ideal model, the question is how to buy a document scanner that is better value for money. Before you answer, you must first review the connectivity of the instrument that caught your eye. Indeed, it is the interface of your hardware. The consideration of this criterion is essential, because it will allow you to know in advance its mode of connection with other devices.

You will meet models with various connectivity on the market. The most popular are those that have a USB port. It helps you connect your instrument to your computer in an easy way. They are more advised for their speed. The FireWire interface also promises high throughput and better performance. The SCSI is older than the others and you will need to install a particular card in your PC to establish connectivity. The parallel port, meanwhile, is naturally slow. It is prohibited if your product has the previous connectors.

On the other hand, you can look to WiFi and Ethernet compatible prototypes. The network sharing, more convenient, allows you to access your document scanner through many computers.

In any case, it is recommended to check the compatibility of your device with your PC, and that it runs on Windows or other operating systems. This saves you from having to store computer components to use your scanner. The presence of an installation driver is also interesting to simplify your life.

In addition, you can set your sights on stand-alone items that do not require a connection to a computer or Mac. Just scan your papers directly to a memory card. However, be careful because these models are known to be less efficient than others.




How to use a document scanner?


A scanner is a must-have and practical device in our ever-changing digital universe. The use of this accessory is essential to scan your documents and store them in your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is a simple device and easy to handle. If you already have one or intend to offer one, this article offers various tips and advice.



Familiarize yourself with how it works

First, install the scanning software in your computer and then plug in your hardware. Once everything is in place, open your software by clicking on the icon that bears his name. Once opened, you can ensure that it is properly installed and ready for use. If you do not see the image directly on your desktop, click Start, then All Programs and looking at the list you will see it.


Open your scanner

Once you have connected your scanner to your computer, you can begin the first step of scanning your documents. Open the lid of your device in the same way as for a photocopier and you will see a glass surface.


Put your document in your device

Place the side of the document you want to scan against the glass in the appropriate location to allow the optics that are located below to take the document. Refer to the marks on the amounts surrounding the clear glass so that you can arrange your document according to its size. Once your item is installed, close the lid.


Open the scanning software

Now that you have placed your document and closed your scanner, open the scanning software. This time, it is to make the various settings that will allow you to perform your task in the best conditions. The best is to have the icon of your software on the desktop, because it is more convenient if you scan often.


Set the parameters

Adjust the settings according to the use you intend to make of your scanned part. Text-based documents are often scanned in black and white, but some software can color-scan photos or posters. It depends on the software depending on the brand and the device. In general, the parameters that we change are relative to the quality of the digitization that we want.


Select Scan

When you have finished adjusting your settings, you can now start scanning the document using the software or scanner directly. Either you will find on your software a command Scan and you will click on it. Either your device will already have the Scan button and again you just have to press it.



Follow the instructions

Carefully read the user manual of your scanner to avoid mishandling. You can change your adjustments if you find that the scanned item takes up more space. You can assemble your pieces into a multi-page document using software such as Adobe Acrobat. This will allow you to convert your files to PDF. In order for the prints you scan to be flawless, maintain your scanner. Clean the glass with a fiber cloth that does not lint by making circular movements to leave no traces.




The most popular brands


The document scanner as the printer has invested more and more in the daily life of man. As a result, brands continue to strive for perfection, especially in terms of performance.


Although Brother is not primarily known for producing document scanners and other office equipment, the company has still managed to reap many public appreciations across this variety of products.

In France, as in other regions of the Globe, companies and individuals praise the performance of its products greatly improving the user experience and productivity at work. Automatic duplexing, automatic document feeder, the ability to archive them with a search function, these are all the interesting options you are entitled to at a Brother scanner.


If your everyday life is to digitize all kinds of documents, from novel to paper to contract templates, Epson may be the right choice for you in document scanning. And the quality is the rendezvous with its models as thin as tablets that can scan up to A4.

And as the brand is never short of new technology, bonus on some models, you can play movies or slides. And most importantly, do not forget to try these recent articles where it becomes almost child’s play to share digitized documents via a network to other services.


As one of the largest manufacturers in the industry of everything related to optics, Canon has gained a good rating among consumers, individuals and professionals. The firm part of the idea of ​​producing quality cameras has finally landed in the world of document scanner.

So if you plan to buy one of the brand, know that you will be spoiled for choice and you will not have to brainstorm to find a shoe to your foot. Canon has invested a lot of time and effort into developing a whole series of calculators for all needs and uses.


HP is another brand that gives a lot of trouble in the choice of products. Almost all of the products made by the brand, the most popular among consumers are the HP ScanJet Pro compact that can scan up to 40 minutes, in different formats. There is also HP ScanJet 1000 Professional, almost as big as a cover, but with amazing performances.

If you do not like the design of some scanners, or if you prefer to use traditional models, be sure to check out the available models before stopping your choice.


Although Kodak is not as well-known as some of the other popular brands we cite in this article, it also deserves its place among them in the document scanner market for many reasons and for quite some time. In any case, enough time to accumulate the required experience in the field.

In recent years, Kodak has gone from cameras and film to a whole other field, always in relation to the world of optics, the scanner. Many of its products are affordable, despite the quality of manufacturing materials used by the brand.


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