Best Dimmable Led Bulbs in 2020

What is a dimmable led bulb?

Dimmable or variable?

The classic filament bulb was naturally dimmable, i.e. you could dim the light with your wall dimmer. With LED bulbs it’s another story, not all LED bulbs are dimmer compatible and for those that are, they are not necessarily compatible with your dimmer. Today with the on-board electronics of the LED bulbs, it should be carefully checked on the packaging whether the bulb can decrease in intensity with a dimmer.

If you try to vary a non-dimmable LED bulb, it will start to flash and may burn out.

When to use a dimmable led bulb?

The use of the dimmable led bulb finds its place for the lighting of children’s rooms. Indeed it can stay on in night light mode and let a light streak to secure the child.
In the corridors, the dimming function allows you to leave just the right light so as not to disturb the people sleeping while leaving you the possibility of moving around.
In the evening in the living room, it is useless to put the light in full, after the tiredness of a working day it is interesting to put in a soft and pleasant mood light.

The selection of dimmable LED bulbs in E27 base

We have made a selection of dimmable led filament bulb to stay in the tones of classic bulbs while benefiting from energy saving led technology.

Dimmable AmazonBasic led bulb

A set of 6 dimmer compatible bulbs. The equivalence of the bulbs is 100W with a light shade of 2700K, or warm white. Be careful if the bulb does not go out at the lowest level of your dimmer is that it does not go down low enough. We recommend that you use a dimmer compatible with a LED bulb.

AmazonBasics E27 14W

Dimmable Osram 7W filament led bulb

The osram filament bulb allows you to rediscover the design of the old incandescent bulbs. Here the bulb is dimmable with a maximum power of 7W. Osram signs here a quality product that can be installed on old installations without the need to change anything.\

OSRAM LIGHTIFY A19 Smart Adjustable White LED, Dimmable

GU10 dimmable led bulbs

GU10 spots can also work with a dimmer as long as the bulb has the appropriate electronic circuit. We have selected the three models popular with users today.

check on amazon

Nowadays, the new LED technology is very popular. Most homes use LED bulbs for decoration reasons, but above all to reduce energy consumption. A wide choice of products based there is available on the market. This is the case of the dimmable LED bulb.

A dimmable LED bulb

Dimmable comes from the English word “dimmer”, which means dimmer. A dimmable LED bulb is therefore a bulb compatible with the use of a dimmer. The latter is generally in the form of a switch. This device makes it possible to vary the intensity of lighting emitted by the lamp. The intensity can be varied from 25% to 100%, depending on user preferences. A dimmable LED bulb is a bulb that gives the possibility of modifying the lighting intensity of a room according to its needs.

This bulb can be identified by the “dimmable” pictogram on its product sheet. It is also presented in several bases, including Gu10, E27 and E14. Different powers and angles of light scattering are also available.

More energy saving

This bulb has all the properties of an LED bulb. It is perfect for saving energy and is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. In bedrooms, the dimmable LED bulb is able to diffuse very low light. In the living room, the intensity of the lighting can also be varied depending on the activities: evening with friends, romantic dinner, TV moment … This lamp allows you to manage its light atmosphere.

In all cases, it is essential to always use a brightness suitable for the room to avoid damaging the lamp. The proper use of the bulb also gives it a longer life. This type of bulb is slightly more expensive than ordinary LED bulbs, but it is by far the most versatile. 
What is a dimmable led bulb?

Dimmable, variable, modular…

Because the word love English words and because they generally group an expression, the dimmable led bulb is the perfect case!

A led bulb, you now know what it means, but the term dimmable does not mean anything to you? If I talk to you about a dimmer, a dimmer switch, you see the link?

The word dimmable means in world, variable power. Indeed, some led bulbs have electronics ensuring that they can modulate the intensity of the light emitted thanks to a dimmer switch. This type of light is known with halogen bulbs which needed nothing other than this famous dimmer switch. Having no electronics, they could reduce or increase their power on demand.

With LED lighting, the term dimmable or dimmer compatible must be specified in order to perform this function. If the bulb is not dimmable, the bulb will light up by flashing and you could damage it .

The economical dimmable LED bulb!

This function is perfect for obtaining lighting suitable for children’s rooms: Indeed, a night light can be achieved by only allowing the bulb to shine very weakly. For night awakenings, no need for overpowering lighting! The dimmer switch will provide fairly low lighting which will be perfect for moving around without being dazzled. For moments of play, maximum lighting will be appreciated.

Osram and Dimmable LED bulbs

How does the dimming of an LED bulb work?


The element used to illuminate an LED bulb is an LED. This abbreviation means light emitting diode. The more electricity that passes through the LED, the more light there is. And conversely, the less energy there is, the less light there is.



How can I tell that an LED bulb is dimmable?


In most cases, all LED models are available in dimmable version. However, they are not always dimmable in standard version. Make sure the product name or specification says “dimmable”. So you can be sure that your LED is dimmable .


How can I dim the LEDs?


A dimmer is required to dim the LED. Very often your current dimmer is used to dim halogens and incandescent lamps. Each drive has a certain power level which is 40-80W. If you replace your old bulb with the LED, then the total connected power is less than the minimum dimmer power. Therefore, the LED may not burn or very badly, causing flickering. If your LED bulbs do not work with your current dimmer, choose a 0-150W LED dimmer, because on this dimmer, +/- 85% of the LEDs work well.


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