The 6 Best Computer 4k Monitor Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

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Smartphone, tablet, computer … the screens have multiplied in recent years with the development of digital, and the evolution is permanent! Connected screens are the new “must-have” of young and old. And what’s more enjoyable than a Best Computer 4k Monitor when you want to work or play in front of your computer? It presents many opportunities that improve the lives of professionals and individuals. And this, especially since many manufacturers have managed to penetrate the market to offer a variety of products.

Only problem? The models are numerous; also making a choice can be difficult. Thus, we invite you to discover our comparison of 4K PC screens, a selection of the best models sorted by range, advantages and disadvantages, before plunging into our buying guide to know more about this product.

Comparison of the Best Computer 4k Monitor

In this part, you will be able to discover the models that we have selected for you. From a methodological point of view, we have established our choice and our ranking taking into account two essential parameters. Firstly, we based ourselves on the technical characteristics of the products through which we managed to draw different ranges of quality. Secondly, we took into account the customer reviews in order to obtain a complete and objective analysis.

#1 Asus ROG PG348Q 4K Best Computer 4k Monitor

best screen pc 4k asus

Presentation & Main Features

The ASUS 4K PC display has high-performance features that make it a premium product that stands out from the competition with a 34-inch display and 3440 × 1440 resolution that gives it a sublime high definition. See yourself:

  • 34-inch matte screen with Ultrat-Wide QHD resolution (3440 × 1440 pixels)
  • IPS slab: bright colors and wide viewing angles (178 °)
  • Refresh rate up to 100Hz (DisplayPort connection)
  • 100 ° horizontal rotation and 115mm height adjustment
  • Eye comfort thanks to Flicker Free and Ultra-Low Blue Light technologies
  • Sharp, smooth image with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology

Opinions and experiences of users

For consumers, this 4K PC screen is a top flight screen that has it all! They value the colors they find very rich, the depth of 3D but also the complete connectivity that can connect graphics card and USB. Many gamers are thus fully satisfied with this 34-inch 4K QHD PC screen, whose refresh rate is optimal. Its size, coupled with perfect quality, bluffs users who also appreciate its foot adjustable in height, inclination and rotation at 90 °. What compliments, therefore, for a 4K PC screen with a thousand technical facets!

Editor’s review

This 4K PC screen is perfect for gamers, and it’s definitely a model we recommend. Of course, Asus has taken advantage of its high technology and the many advantages offered to put a price high enough, but so deserved! Its few faults do not overshadow all its technical features: a LED display technology with light effects, a refresh rate that reduces lag and blurry images, advanced ergonomics … All factors that provide a great experience. fluid gaming, fast and sublime. No wonder that this 4K PC screen is number 1 in our ranking!

  • 34-inch HD display with 3440 × 1440 resolution for crystal-clear images
  • The complete connectivity
  • Installation and configuration (integrated menu, inclination, adjustable height)
  • Elegant design with ultra-thin frame
  • Fairly high price
  • IPS Glow present (but minimal)

#2 Acer Predator PC screen XB271HKBMIPRZ Best Computer 4k Monitor

comparative 4k pc screen

Presentation & Main Features

With its LED display technology, the Acer Predator 4K PC screen is distinguished from its counterparts who offer a large LCD panel, which consumes more for a lower quality. This is not the only one of its technical characteristics:

  • 4K HD IPS screen (27 inches) with 3840 × 2160 resolution
  • G-Sync technology from Nvidia that allows you to change the refresh rate according to the data of the graphics card
  • 4ms response time
  • HDMI, DP and USB connectivity
  • Stretching 16: 9

Opinions and experiences of users

For this screen primarily intended for demanding players, they are overall happy with this purchase. The adjustable foot is very practical and the 4K PC screen has an efficient and non-aggressive design that appeals to fans of long games. Images are stable thanks to G-Sync and the monitor can be moved in any direction. A model that pleases, although some complain that it is not perfectly hermetic.

Editor’s review

The leakage of light at the bottom left and right of the screen makes this model a product not completely successful, but it is still somewhat troublesome in comparison with all its qualities. The Acer 4K PC screen has a very high resolution thanks to its LED panel, and the image remains stable even in extremely dynamic games. At this price, this is what we hoped for: a model of a good level of range which fulfills the conditions necessary for a good screen of gaming: a complete connectivity, faithful colors and a monitor of quality.

  • G-Sync guarantees fluidity of images
  • Wide viewing angle
  • High quality colors
  • Light Black Light Bleeding on the edges

#3. Samsung U32H850 Best Computer 4k Monitor

samsung 4k pc screen

Presentation & Main Features

With this model Samsung hits a big blow since it combines correct price with satisfactory technical characteristics. On the program, a screen 31.5 inches HD cheap with a value for money that allows it to distinguish itself from the competition. Several characteristics are notable:

  • HD screen with 3840 × 2160 resolution (31.5 inches)
  • An angle of view of 178 ° / 178 °
  • Ergonomic foot
  • Integrated FreeSync technology

Opinions and experiences of users

Consumers readily recognize the technical characteristics and the prowess of this 4K screen that allows the use of games of all consoles very high definition. They are the first to praise contrasts and speak of a real visual pleasure! Some flats, however, especially in the setting of the brightness is not optimal or colors that sometimes lack sharpness. Some remarks, however, do not detract from the good value for money of this Samsung 4K PC screen.

Editor’s review

If you want to take the step to 4K without breaking the bank, this Samsung PC screen is for you! The Ultra HD image is composed of 8 million pixels to display every detail, it is four times higher than that of Full HD! At this price, the colors are not perfect and some features can be improved, but it remains a powerful model with an ergonomic design perfectly suited to workspaces like gaming!

  • Suitable for all consoles and all types of games
  • Very large screen resolution (QLED)
  • Very fast response time
  • No possibility to connect two consoles at a time n

#4 4K HDR BenQ EW3270U Best Computer 4k Monitor

Consumer opinion

Consumers warn that everything is not perfect, especially with regard to the colorimetry when changing the contrast, or the angle of vision a little too narrow. But once this is taken into account, customers report enjoying a high-quality screen, with a very good display, and some are even frankly impressed by such an image for a price so content.

The opinion of the editor

The main mistake BenQ made when designing its 4K PC screen is that it is slightly too big compared to its resolution, which slightly affects the pixels, especially when viewed from a distance. Less powerful for gaming activities, it is however ideal for movies and series, and especially at an unbeatable price!

  • A screen design and end to good finishes
  • Different presets for different uses
  • Has a VGA connector
  • Can hurt the eyes due to use
  • Speakers a little weak to be used as the only sound source

#5. LG 32UD99-W Best Computer 4k Monitor

Consumer opinion

Apart from some delivery issues or usage problems – attributable to external defects – which have been solved, consumers seem to be delighted with the performance of this model. High-end product, this 4K LG PC screen has a 3840 × 2160 resolution (32 inches) that offers an ideal image that does not tire the eyes.

The opinion of the editor

Apart from a few faults quickly forgotten, the model is doing very well. This LG PC screen makes it possible to control two PCs connected to the screen at the same time, all in high resolution, with a DCI-P3 color range 95% and quite intuitively! One thing is certain: you will take full eyes!

  • Easy to mount and set up
  • Perfect matte slab
  • Good connectivity (including USB-C input)
  • Some features may be damaged by wear (HDMI port)

#6. Samsung LC49HG90DMU Best Computer 4k Monitor

The opinion of the editor

With its impressive size, the Samsung 4K Full HD PC screen is breathtaking! Its curvature plunges us into a world of game or film out of the ordinary, with in addition to the vast and rich colors, close to reality, for a very realistic experience!

  • The QLED screen with maximum brightness, for lighting synchronized with the game
  • Integrated USB hub
  • Its 4-inch curved 4-inch PC screen replaces a double or triple screen
  • Its responsiveness time of only 1 millisecond
  • The screen is not always clear enough, which sometimes prevents reading text on the screen
  • Pip mode can not be used effectively

Buy a 4K PC screen: selection criteria, budget, brands … everything in the Buying Guide!

Now that you have had the opportunity to discover the different 4K PC screens available according to your budget, it is time to dwell on all the useful information. How to calculate your budget to invest in the good 4K PC screen? What criteria to buy it? We give you the answers to these questions so that you can choose your ideal product from our selection or so you can find the model that suits you the most.

Presentation: What are the advantages for a PC screen in 4K?

First of all let’s see the benefits of this high-tech product, the PC screen in 4K. It comes in many different ranges of different qualities, to suit any type of audience, ranging from the informed gamer to the simple lover of beautiful images. These screens have a range of advantages, concentrated especially in the high resolution of the screen, both in terms of brightness, color, contrast, viewing angles but also fluidity. Added to this are various features, such as connectivity options, sound or response time.

All this will, of course, depending on which range you are aiming for. However, we can agree on some basic features and features that make the 4K PC screen a modern object.

2K or 4K PC screen? Our advice

A PC screen can not be chosen lightly, and while our expertise and that of users have touted the benefits of 4K PC monitors, they are not necessarily the ones you need. See the different advantages and disadvantages of 2K and 4K PC displays.

2K PC screens offer a sharp resolution almost twice as detailed as Full HD. They are effective and adapted to any type of game. Cheaper than 4K PC screens, they are less powerful but correspond more to less regular players or who prefer to practice on a small screen.

As for 4K PCs, they are particularly suitable for passionate gamers. They are larger and can with their resolution produce very accurate images despite the size of the screen. The details are more visible and the aliasing reduced. However, not all graphics cards are yet suitable for 4K games. In addition, it goes without saying that 4K monitors cost more than 2K.

4K PC screen: which one to choose? Selection criteria

To establish our comparison of 4K PC screens, we relied on various criteria, which largely reflect the technical characteristics of various devices. You can find them below, and you can use them to find the model that will best meet your expectations and your means!

  • The size of the screen
  • The refresh rate (in Hertz)
  • Response time or responsiveness
  • The fluidity
  • Image quality or resolution
  • Ergonomics and connectivity
  • The angle of vision


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