The Best [real] Cheap Aromatherapy Diffusers 2020

Last updated on April 14th, 2020 at 06:10 am

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the best aromatherapy diffusers among more than 35 models currently sold.

My favorite is definitely TaoTronics 300 ml, mid-range model performance, and design, which has nothing to envy the more expensive models.

The best cheap Aromatherapy Diffusers

Cheap aromatherapy diffusers offer good performance. Certainly, their capacity and power remain modest. But it is also their strength because a diffusion too intense would be very unpleasant in a small space.

For yoga or meditation, we prefer a mid-range model or high-end, quieter.

InnoGear Ultrasonic: The Best Cheap


InnoGear is a well-known manufacturer of aromatherapy enthusiasts, as it produces not only excellent-quality diffusers but also a choice of high quality essential oils. With this model, it offers an excellent basic.

The InnoGear 150ml displays a classic and ergonomic design. Attention, moreover, to its lines that can be misleading: this is not the kind of diffuser that we put on a desk or shelf.

His look suffers from a few minor tastings. We regret for example the XL logo and especially the red or green LED, which can swear with certain colors of light.

The InnoGear 150 ml also offers 7 lighting colors, which are quite successful. With their slightly pastel shades, they are very relaxing.

The lighting function is independent of the broadcast function and you can opt for a changing light mode or for a fixed light (knowing that in this case, you can select your favorite color).

The 150 ml tank offers a good comfort of use. The system of diffusion of the essential oils is quite effective and it is useless to have the heavy hand: 4 to 5 drops are largely sufficient.

Of course, you have a streaming mode, which stops automatically when the tank is empty. Batch mode alternates between 30 seconds of broadcast and 30 seconds of the shutdown.

The green or red LED lets you know at a glance which mode the device is running.

InnoGear is not designed for large rooms. Count 20 m² max.

It should be noted that in use, it can also be tricky to handle, because the device can disengage from the base, especially when the tank is full. So be sure to always catch it by its base. These are pretty much his only limits!

Nice and powerful, the InnoGear is definitely an excellent choice for a small budget – or just for a small space. Because with its very good performance, it stands up to many more expensive aromatherapy diffusers!

  • Affordable price

  • Nice design

  • Little greedy in essential oils

  • Self-extinguishing

  • Independent light function and diffusion

  • Room of 20 m² maximum

The best mid-range aromatherapy diffusers

Manufacturers such as TaoTronics and UpPower offer mid-range aromatherapy diffusers of very good quality. They are also versatile since they offer at least a dual function of aromatherapy diffuser and air humidifier.

If you want to use your diffuser in a living room of beautiful dimensions, it is in this range that you find the model you need.


TaoTronics 300ml: The Best Mid-Range

With this diffuser of essential oils, TaoTronics demonstrates its know-how in this area. Equipped with a generous tank, this model occupies little space.

But given his performance, it’s worth it to him a little space!

The TaoTronics 300 ml comes with its power adapter, its user guide and a measuring cup. At first glance, he surprises with the quality of materials.

While it is plastic, but the finishes are really neat. With its beautiful lines, this device is already a pretty decorative object, which melt discreetly in your home, even when it is off.

The TaoTronics 300 ml can surprise by its dimensions: 16.5 cm in diameter. It is still quite compact if you consider its capacity.

Its 300 ml tank allows it to achieve excellent performance. Not only does it have a good autonomy (can work for 8 hours in a row), but it also ensures the dual function of essential oil diffuser and humidifier.

He is quite at ease in a room of beautiful dimensions (up to 50 m²).

The TaoTronics 300 ml offers two modes of operation: a weak mist or a more intense flow. It also has a sleep mode, which allows you to use it at night.

With TaoTronics 300ml, so it’s all or nothing, which can be prohibitive for some users. Side brightness, the device ensures rather well.

You have 7 colors and 2 levels of intensity for each of them. The lowest level is very pleasant in the dim light.

During the day, it will be better to opt for the upper level, which still lacks some power.

The device can be controlled by pressing the buttons on its base.

In the end, despite its plastic construction, the TaoTronics is a very good aromatherapy diffuser, which also acts as an air humidifier. It is especially indicated if you wish to benefit from the benefits of essential oils in your living room.

  • Nice design

  • 7 colors, 2 intensity levels

  • 300 ml tank

  • Control panel and remote control

  • Plastic construction

URpower 400ml: an elegant aromatherapy diffuser

UrPower is a reference in aromatherapy Diffusers. The American manufacturer signs there a very beautiful creation.

With this model, the brand takes the side of design, sometimes at the expense of performance. But he catches up with interesting options!

When unpacking, the UrPower 400 ml surprises with its design, quite unusual for this type of device. Most of the models on the market are made in light wood or white, alone or in combination.

With its ultra-design look and beautiful finishes, the 400ml UrPower adopts a look worthy of high-end models. Unfortunately, we must admit that it lacks a little light power: if it passes very well at night, during the day, it is not that …

The unit is equipped with a power cable that has the good idea to belong, which facilitates installation. The 400 ml UrPower measures 16.85 cm in diameter and is 21.5 cm high. A format that remains relatively compact if we consider the beautiful capacity of its tank.

Note that it comes with a measuring cup, slid into its tank.

On the performance side, the UrPower 400ml acts as a diffuser of essential oils and humidifier.

It offers a range of 6 to 12 hours, depending on the operating mode selected. You have 3 timers – 1h, 3h and 6h – and a classic continuous mode.

The device is equipped with the auto-stop function: it stops automatically when the tank is empty. Little more: the light – fixed or changing – is independent. It also has 3 timers.

The 400 ml UrPower is suitable for medium-sized rooms. Beyond 20 m², its performance begins to leave something to be desired.

The more the volume of the room increases, the more there will be a loss.

The design remains his strong point. This is also an excellent choice for the office, if you work in a neat setting. The UrPower 400 ml offers quite honorable performances. It is therefore very good value for money.

  • Original design

  • 3 timer settings for diffusion and light

  • 2 levels of light intensity

  • Diffusion by misting

  • Rapid intensity loss beyond 20 m²

The best high-end aromatherapy diffusers

These diffusers are those intended for larger pieces, with a discreet diffusion of essential oils. All with an elegant design!

Viva Naturals: The Best Upscale

Viva Naturals is a specialist in diffusion by misting. With the Tranquil 400 ml model, the brand signs a summary of what it can do. And as expected, the result is quite satisfying.

Hot, this diffuser offers nothing but classic. The color, first: the device has 7 shades, whose gradient extends from the moonlight effect to blue. You can of course use the changing colors, choose a fixed hue or turn them off.

For the main one, namely the diffusion of essential oils, you have 2 modes: streaming and timer (1h, 3h and 6h). The Viva Naturals Tranquil 400 ml ensures as a diffuser of essential oils but also as a humidifier.

Tranquil 400 ml is intended for rooms of average size (35 m² large max). It diffuses pleasantly your essential oils. Count 3 to 4 drops of essential oil for the 400 ml of the tank.

But beware: like most mist diffusers, it is much less efficient if you use a poor quality mix. If he is not 100% silent, he remains very discreet.

It will find its place as well in the room or in the office as in a living room.

If you are on a classic, this aromatherapy diffuser is a reliable device. Given the price, we would appreciate a small gesture: an essential oil offered would have been a good idea.

Small flat also on the measuring cup: with 150 ml, it is not necessarily super adapted. On the other hand, we will appreciate the comfort of use in the room: Tranquil 400 ml is perfect to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at bedtime without being bothered by moisture.

Tranquil 400 ml is not revolutionary and you must have the budget to choose it. But it’s a sleek and powerful device that does the job, especially if it’s a question of relaxing and falling asleep.

  • Nice design

  • 7 light colors, 2 power levels

  • Excessive price

How to choose your aromatherapy diffuser?\

The aromatherapy diffuser can be used simply to distil a pleasant fragrance into the home, without resorting to interior perfumes with often questionable components. This small device is more specifically designed to allow you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

Some essential oils are well known for their cleansing virtues. Others are known to contribute to relaxation or for their energizing action.

While essential oils are natural, they are still very concentrated. It is therefore very important to think about the room in which you will install your diffuser to choose it.

A model too powerful installed in a small room would be unbearable (even dangerous).

The type of diffusion

There are different types of broadcasters.

Spray diffusers

The water is propelled through a glass nozzle, which promotes a particularly effective dispersion. This is the technology to favor in large rooms.

It is also a cold propulsion: the properties of essential oils are intact.

Diffuser by misting (ultrasonic)

They work thanks to an ultrasound pad placed at the bottom. The vibrations produce a cold mist resembling smoke. This mist that escapes the diffuser is elegant (and relaxing to watch!).

This technology is to be reserved for small to medium sized parts.

Soft heat diffusers

Even if they do not exceed 40 ° C (temperature beyond which the essential oils lose their effectiveness), these diffusers adversely affect the qualities of the products used. But they have the advantage of being extremely quiet. They will be reserved for small rooms (15 m² max).

Ventilation diffusers

These devices work cold and they spread the essential oils through a fan. They are perfect in the office or in the car.

The options

All diffusers (almost!) Offer a changing LED light. This LED lighting has up to 7 colors, corresponding in this case to the 7 chakras.

For your comfort, it is better to opt for a flexible model, which allows you to use a fixed color or to cut the lighting according to your desire of the moment. Ideally, you should be able to have 2 levels of brightness: a soft light for the night, a stronger, which will stand out in the day.

Beware of the devices with a multitude of other functions: humidification of air, ionization … Your diffuser must primarily distribute the essential oils uniformly.

The type of tank

The larger the tank of your diffuser, the more imposing the device will be. If you opt for a larger model, you will also use larger amounts of essential oil.

It is better to opt for a removable tank, easier to clean.

The product

To preserve your device and your health – and to fully enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy! – you must use pure essential oils. Attention, therefore, to the products you buy.

You can opt for oils that you will use individually or mixed, or choose a synergy (a mixture of essential oils ready for use).

On the other hand, avoid chemical mixtures, which can be not only unpleasant but also harmful.

Especially since this type of product ends up damaging the mechanism of the diffusers in the very medium term.

Other criteria

Your diffuser must be adapted to the area of ​​the room in which it will be installed. It must also be secure.

Attention, in particular, to the power cord: it must be long enough. This will allow you to install the unit away from the outlet.

Check that the unit has a switch on the base: this will save you from having to plug in and unplug it all the time. Your broadcaster should also be equipped with a timer and / or auto-off function, to avoid any incident if you use it at bedtime or if you forget to turn it off when you leave the house.

Essential oils: the precautions to take

If the essential oils are 100% natural, they are also very concentrated. They are therefore products to handle with care.

To avoid any incident, respect the dosages recommended on their instructions and avoid any direct contact with the skin

Warning: if you have pets, know that they are also sensitive to essential oils. Some are even extremely dangerous for them.

If in doubt, consult your veterinarian before using it.

Basic essential oils

Essential oils are easily found on the market or in the drugstore. These are “basic”, very useful every day.

They are sometimes available in different formats. If you are a beginner, choose the smaller bottles and test them.

This will help you determine which ones work best for you! If you’re new to essential oils, you can try some basics.

The mandarin

Relaxing, it promotes falling asleep

The tea tree

Antibacterial, it purifies the ambient air


Good for the respiratory tract, this essential oil also has the ability to hunt insects

The lavender

Relaxing, de-stressing, it relieves anxiety


Dynamisante without being annoying

The orange

Relaxing, this essential oil promotes concentration


Energizing for the mind, it promotes memory and creativity and relieves migraine


Disinfectant, it clears the airways

Some ideas of synergies “home” …

If you want to compose your own synergies but you do not yet master the associations of essential oils, rely on basic blends such as eucalyptus + lavender, for a relaxing and cleansing effect, eucalyptus + lemon, for a cleansing and energizing effect, cinnamon + mandarin for a relaxing and comforting effect, or lavender + mandarin for a soothing and soothing effect.

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